Knitting Notes

I think I can safely say that I hate nupps. I’m in nupp hell with the Echo Flower shawl at the moment. On my first attempt, the nupps were so tight, there was no way I’d be able to purl them back to move on, and I’d rather stupidly not strung a lifeline on that row, so I had to tink back an entire row the slow way. I’ve at least remedied that, and managed to move past row one of the nupps, though not well. I’m now finished with the second row, and need to purl my way back through them. This row will determine if I stick with nupps, or rip back and go with a substitute.

So I’m now procrastinating from the shawl for bit, and wanted some more mindless knitting. It also occurred to me that if I start now, and am really motivated, I may manage to complete a sweater by the time we actually get sweater weather again. So, I cast on a Maude Louise sweater in the Classic Elite Renaissance yarn I’d originally purchased for the Cabled Swing Cardi. The Maude Louise has much more straightforward shaping, and I’m really hoping that this one will fit without the issue I had with the Cabled Swing Cardi.

The new Sockdown schedule is also out, and I’ve found that there are several months where I’m really not interested in what’s scheduled – either the designer, or the technique. I’m completely unmoved by the first month – September – mostly because I’ve already knit designs by the designer for the first month, and while she has more I like, they all cost money, and I’m not willing to pay for more sock patterns right now. So, it looks like I’ll be doing a few less pairs of socks this year, but I think that’s probably not a bad thing. We’ll see what else I can do instead.