Knitting Notes

Pattern: Kiila by Yarnissima
Yarn: Three Irish Girl’s Adorn Sock in the Baltic Sea colorway
Needles: Size 1.5

My Kiila socks are done. These are both my first toe up socks, and my first mystery socks. (And the picture is crap because it’s raining and apparently is going to rain for the next year or so, so I have no hope of getting good lighting. But I digress.)

The pattern was quite easy, once I managed to figure out how to cast on. I used the Turkish cast on, and had to improvise it with two DPNs rather than circs, and since I didn’t own the corresponding circ size of the 1/5 DPNs, it was a bit loose. I’ve since put in a KnitPicks order and remedied my dearth of lower sized circular needles, so I can hopefully do that better the next time. I don’t think it’s obvious, but I know it’s a little off.

The pattern itself was pretty easy, and would definitely make for a good first toe up sock. I wasn’t able to do the cabling without a cable needle (I kept losing the stitches), but it was easy to use a smaller DPN to hold those stitches instead.

I liked the Adorn sock quite a bit, though it’s definitely fuzzy, and I felt like I had to keep it groomed, or it was developing gigantic pills. Still, I love the color. I have a far bit left (it’s a short sock), so I’m thinking about making a baby hat or two out of it. It’s a good little boy color.

I’ve decided this is my last Sockdown sock for this cycle of Sockdown. This is partially because I have two weeks off in July, one of which will involve leaving North America, so I’m just not sure how much knitting time I’ll have. But I would also really like to finish the February Lady sweater in time to actually wear it for Fall. So I figure I need to commit to not casting on any new projects until one of the two I currently have on the needles is done.


Knitting Notes

Pattern: Eunice Socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation
Yarn: Malabrigo sock in the abril colorway
Needles: Size 2 DPNs

My Eunice socks are done! I really enjoyed this pattern, though I’d tweak a few things if I make it again. I’d add at least one more pattern repeat on the leg, and I’m pretty sure I could fit another pattern repeat on the foot before starting the ribbing. Still, these were a great experience. The cables are definitely a little different, but not super hard.

The yarn was a dream to work with. It’s just so soft, and such a nice texture to work with. I’m definitely going to have to find something to do with my poor damaged skein of solis. As it is, I have a decent amount of this skein left, and am plotting what to do with the leftovers.

I next have to finish my second Kiila sock. I really enjoyed the first of those socks, but they lost out to the lure of the Malabrigo the second time around. With that out of the way, I’ll now be happy to focus on Kiila.

Knitting Notes

Kiila sock #1 is done!

For my first toe up sock, and considering it was a mystery sock, I think it turned out pretty well. The heel is a bit on the puckery side, but that evens out when I put it on. I also had to frog the bind off twice (and use a bigger needle the last time) before it was loose enough for me to fit the sock over my ankle. Definitely have a come up with a better bind off for next pair.

So I did manage to finish a pair of socks in May. Sure, they’re two entirely different socks, but they’re still two!

Knitting Notes

Eunice sock #1 is done! In hindsight, I could have probably managed another full pattern repeat on the foot, but that is the part that’s covered by shoes, so it’s probably no big deal that there’s a little extra boring part of the pattern down there.

I still love the Malabrigo, and the pattern is great. It’s challenging without being overly difficult. Definitely a good choice.

Knitting Notes

I downloaded clue #3 for Kiila on Saturday. It was a cloudy about to rain kind of day, so I sat right down, and finished it off that morning.

I’d been pretty nervous about the short row heel, so I actually life-lined the end of clue #2 (you can see the red thread), but it ended up being much easier than I had feared. I don’t know if that’s because toe-up heels are always easier then top-down heels, but whatever it was that made this one easier, I’ll take it.

I’ve also been working along on Eunice. I just finished the gusset decreases, and am set to do the rest of the foot. I really like this pattern. It’s a shorter sock, purposefully, and I decided to follow the pattern, since the Malabrigo is on lighter amount side of sock yarns, but I think I would have been safe doing another repeat of the pattern on the leg.

And finally, I cast on a February Lady sweater back on Tuesday. I was extra tired that night, and figured I could hack the stockinette more easily than cabled socks. I’m using Fibre Company Knightsbridge yarn, in the Burgundy colorway, which is really a mix of black and purple. It’s a lovely, soft yarn, and it’s been fun to work with so far. I did have one minor frog in the beginning, when I managed to not cast on enough stitches for the size I’m making, despite having gone through and highlighted my size everywhere it was noted. Did I mention I was extra tired when I cast this on?

Knitting Notes

I was on a bit of a roll yesterday and finished off part two of the mystery sock. It definitely helps that the gusset went a heck of a lot quicker then the rest of the foot. I did manage to fudge the largest part of the cable on one side, but I was able to fake my way back in pretty easily, and am feeling pretty proud of myself.

Next clue should be interesting. I assume the heel will be a short row heel, and my last experience with a short row heel was less then easy (three frogs and two different methods to complete). So I’m a little worried about it, but I’m loving the pattern enough that I’m really, really hoping it will all be ok in the end.

Knitting Notes

I haven’t had a ton of knitting time this week, so I’ve spent it working on my Sockdown socks.

I’m definitely enjoying Eunice. The pattern is interesting, but not too difficult. And I love, love, love this Malabrigo yarn. I can’t even begin to describe how nice it is to work with. (And how much more tragic it is that my original skein of Solis got a bit cut up. I think I’ll have come to come up with a scarf to make with that so I can hopefully use the cut pieces. But I digress.)

Malabrigo love aside, I’ve actually done more work on Kiila this week, because I’m loving the pattern. (And that’s saying a lot, because I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the Malabrigo.) The above is the finished first clue. I’ll admit I haven’t been able to successfully do the cabling without the needle (I kept losing the stitch, so gave up), but I’m still really enjoying the pattern. I’m already about a third of the way into the gusset, and I just love how the increases are incorporated into the cable pattern. I’m definitely enjoying the toe up construction. As if I needed another subset of sock patterns to hunt down…