Warwick, Rhode Island

A couple days at a friend’s family’s beach house in Warwick, RI.

Weekend – MA & RI

Now that Blogger has apparently decided it likes photos again, I can talk about my weekend. I went to down to MA to spend the weekend with a very good friend of mine who is about to leave for the wilds of Texas to get her Master’s. It was a great weekend. We managed ice cream on Friday at one of the extremely hopping local places (looks like Little League and Soccer had both just gotten out).

The next day, we headed down to RI, and spent the day hanging out at the family beach house. It was absolutely lovely out. The ocean water felt like lake water (well, at lower tide at least. There was definitely a little kick to it later). There are baby red wing blackbirds and grackles all over the place near the house, so the whole place was alive with bird song.

On Sunday, we managed a marathon shopping trip at the Wrentham outlets. I think I’m actually set for summer clothes now, which is a pretty good accomplishment.
It was really a lovely weekend, and it was pretty hard to drag my butt into work on Monday. Fortunately, things are interesting enough with the new job that I got over that pretty quickly.

Spring! (Or Fun with my Macro setting)

Probably about the best thing about being in Rhode Island over the weekend is that they’re so much further ahead in the season then we are up here in the Great Frozen North, and it was so nice to see all the green, and buds on the trees. Heck, it was even warm enough to do a little recreational rock moving to try and find crabs (we even found what appeared to be a baby lobster).

Up here, about all I can report is that we have crocus. My garden crocus have gone crazy this year. I don’t know if I managed to stir up the soil and bring a bunch to the surface, or what, but I have clumps in my side garden where I’ve never had crocus before, and in colors (the striped one below, and a lovely dark purple) that haven’t come up before. Don’t know what made this year so special, but I’ll take it.

Weekend Notes

I actually went away to a place where I could take pictures this weekend. Yay Spring! Ok, so they’re mostly cloudy pictures, but they’re pictures!

I spent this past long weekend in Warwick, Rhode Island, at a friend’s family beach house. We went to play games, and I also managed some knitting, reading, cooking, and hanging out. It was a great weekend, and made it really hard to get out of bed this morning and head back to work…