Quilting Notes

I had a little bit of time last week to finish off the binding my seaside quilt.    Side bonus: it was lovely having an extra layer on my lap during the depths of the ridiculous cold we’ve been having.

I probably should have finished this off in 2013, since I only had the binding to go, but binding definitely takes a concentrated time to sit down and plow through, and that didn’t happen until 2014.

Quilting Notes

Tried some paper piecing yesterday.    Aside my fundamental lack of forward vision (I totally placed the colored pieces wrong to actually achieve a Circle of Flying Geese), I really enjoyed the actual technique.   I just have to pay attention up front to how I lay things out next time…

Sewing Notes


I had yesterday off, and since we had a lovely nor’easter going on, and my family’s Thanksgiving festivities are on Friday this year, I didn’t really have anything I had to do.    So I did a lot of chores.   Including some clean out the sewing basket things.   I made the backing for the quilt I put together last weekend, and made a few more gift bags.

I was also planning on trying some paper piecing, but found I didn’t like what I had picked out at backing fabric.     So, that’ll be pending my trip to Joann’s this weekend (for the Black Friday sale, woo!).

Quilting Notes

Here’s today’s project: a crib sized Yellow Brick Road quilt top from some sea themed fabrics I picked up a couple years ago.    This is something like the fourth or fifth time I’ve used this pattern – it’s deceptively complex looking, but is actually just strip quilting.

I took Carol Doak’s Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing class on Craftsy, and while I’ve yet to do some paper piecing (there’s some pondering a foot), I did use one tip.    She recommended basting together the blocks at the joins before actually joining the quilt, and I did that while joining the long strips.   It works really well- gives stability to those long seams over and above what pinning will do, and ensures the corners of the blocks actually match up.

Sewing Notes

So, having given up on the shirt I was working on, I needed a bit of a sewing win.      I’d bought some simple gray suiting fabric to make a skirt from a book that gives instructions for patternless skirts, but realized after buying it I’m pretty much a pattern girl.   Fortunately, I’ve been sitting on McCall’s 3830, which is basically a pencil skirt in five lengths.   I chose the knee length, because I ain’t wearing no mini skirt to work, yo.

I had a lot of fun with this yesterday.    There were darts (which I have done once before), and a facing (again, only second time for that), but the first piece of total excitement was the zipper!    I bought an invisible zipper, so originally tried with my invisible zipper foot, which ended with a broken needle.   So I decided to back track to the regular zipper foot, and isn’t it nice?

The only reason I didn’t finish this yesterday was the hem, which was excitement number two.    I tried out the blind hem stitch, but basted based on the pattern instructions, which was not pretty.    So I put it aside, and did a little research last night.    After reading a reference book that basically said your machine will have its own way of doing this, so I’ll show you what it looks like, but refer to your manual, I realized I really needed to ignore the pattern suggestions.   So I picked out that basting, and basted again this morning, based on the machine instructions.    And it was much better.   Sadly, I do have to do it again (which will not be happening today), as it’s really touchy stitch, and you have to have it lined up just right, or the blind stitches won’t catch, but at least I’m on the right track now.

I also finished the binding and the dowel holder for the Sunset Quilt, so that’s now ready to give to my father.

Sewing Notes

So, what’s a girl to do on a dreary, rainy, Memorial Day weekend?    Sew!  (Seriously, I’m wearing a sweater and socks.    Some start of the summer season!)

I made some binding and a hanger for the sunset quilt, and sewed the front of the binding on.     I’ve got the hanger positioned on the back now, and the rest of what I need to do is all hand sewing, which I can do over whatever tv marathon we end up doing in lieu of being able to do anything outside.

I also tried to advance on the shirt I’d been making.    And I’m a little stymied.   I’m using a pretty sheer fabric, which I have not done before, and it’s proving interesting.    The last thing I’d done was sew the yoke, and add gathering.    Which really gathered this fabric.    I’m now supposed to match the yoke lining, and it’s so well gathered, I can’t do that.    So, I may have to unpick the yoke.    Which I’m not yet mentally prepared to do, so I’ve put it away for now.    I may back track and do something a little easier first.

Sewing and Quilt Notes

So my original plan on Sunday was to work on the shirt I cut out about two weeks ago.    I got all the way through step 2 (see, there are pre-gathers!), and saw that I hadn’t read the notions list, and therefore didn’t have single fold bias tape.     So that didn’t last very long.


Since I’d gone through all the trouble of dragging the sewing machine out, I figured I had to try to do something else.    So I assembled the branch template I’d made from a picture online (had to blow it up fairly large), and cut that out, and sewed it to the quilt back I’d made ages ago.     I even got the backing and batting pinned on.    So now I just have figure out how I’m going to quilt it.     But it’s nice to have it so much further along.

Quilting Notes

The landscape quilt is done.    It took a little longer than I originally planned because I had to re-jigger the hanging tube.   I’d originally applied it a little lower than it ended up (above), and it just didn’t look right.    So off that came, and up it went.

The only problem now?   We don’t actually own a saw, so I can’t trim off the ends of the dowel.   (This was a bit of a surprise – the BF has an otherwise quite comprehensive tool kit for someone that doesn’t actually have a workshop.)    So, someday it’ll get hung up – once I can work out the tool issue.

Quilting Notes

So, in other crafty news, I took out the landscape quilt again this weekend.    Yesterday, I sewed all of the layers on.   I also got the backing pinned on, made the binding, and got most of the binding sewed on, until I realized I had done the corners completely wrong.   So I ripped those out, and put it aside for the night.

This morning, I made a hanging tube, and fixed the corners.    All that remains is sewing down the back of the binding and attaching the hanger.    Since I can do that while watching tv, I dare say I can get that done in a day or two…