Knitting Notes

I’d cast on the Glorianna pattern from the Elizabeth I scarf pattern set a few weeks back, but a few frogs later convinced me that I need to ease myself into the lace knitting a little more. I had several dropped stitch incidents that caused said frogging, and it was really starting to get on my nerves. So, I cast on Town and Country instead last night, and the above is the progress I was able to make while watching Top Gear episodes. I’m liking this pattern much better, on a keeping my sanity level, already. I think I may ease up to Dainty Bess next, and then hopefully, I can finally hack Glorianna. I certainly have enough lace weight yarn lying around to accomplish all three, and I think they’d make great Christmas gifts.

I’ve also rethought my gift to L for the 50-billionth, ok, 3rd time. However, since I seem to be changing my mind every other second, I think that’s the only mention of it I’ll make for the time being. The pattern I’m currently working on seems to be working out pretty well, but I thought the River Rapid socks were coming along pretty well until I got done with the heel, and it was enormous, so what do I know? I think I need to get to a finished product before I trust that this current decision will actually work.

I’ve also decided to give up on Project Spectrum for the year. In some ways, I liked the structure, but right now, I’m sort of enjoying being able to change my mind, and just go with the flow. If I do it seriously, I’d like to be able to use it to make a variety of things, and I seem to be stuck in a small project rut at the moment, plus I have some baby knitting I should get started on coming up fairly soon. I also hadn’t really planned out what to do for the last two elements very well, so this way, I can just go with the flow of what I want to be doing, and not have to worry about fitting it somewhere within Air and Water. (I’d also gotten started late in the first place, so haven’t shared any of my projects with others anyway, so I think it might be a better idea to see if I can fit this in better the next time around.)


Knitting Notes

Nutkin sock number 1 is done. I even managed to do the short row toe using the actual pattern method, instead of resorting back to the wrap instructions I’d had to use for the heel. I did have a few too many stitches when I was done, but it was nothing I couldn’t decrease into submission, and the toe looks perfectly normal. Here’s hoping the short rows go better on the second sock.

I also cast on the Icarus shawl, about a week ago, but it only just finally got to the point where it looks like something might just possibly be going on. I’m a little stalled out at the moment because I need to enlarge the pattern (I was faking my way through with the reduced size in the book, but it’s getting to a place where that’s not working so well right now.)

I’ve pretty much picked out my next two sock projects, so I’m hoping I can blaze my way through the second Nutkin this week so I can move on to something else. The actual Nutkin pattern sections go pretty fast, if I can just get through the heel and toe quickly.

Knitting Notes

The Sitcom Chic sweater is done! (A picture will be forthcoming. It’s already 82 degrees outside, and I’m not really in the mood to put on a sweater at the moment.) I’m overall pretty pleased with this as a first sweater. It’ll probably be a wear around the house sweater, as there are some irregularities in the fabric that are more due to my laziness then anything else. For that reason, I’m suspending my search for a clasp. The search wasn’t going anywhere anyway, so that’s no real hardship. (My local Joann’s had nothing I liked, and that’s about my only non-online option, and fasteners are the kind of thing I prefer to see in person before buying.)

As I think I mentioned before, my one problem with the pattern is the lack of stitch checking at the top of the pattern. I’m pretty sure my raglan shaping went bad toward the top, but I have no real reference point to determine if that’s really true or not. Still, the sweater looks fine, so I’m not sweating that too badly.

I’m pretty fond of the Knit Picks Shine Worsted yarn I used for this sweater. This is the second (well, I actually cast this one on first, but finished the other first) project I’ve done with this yarn. It’s got a good shine from the tencel. It does seem fairly stretchy (I got full length sleeves using the 3/4-length pattern with no alternations), but the gauge at least seems consistent. It is washable, so I’ll have to see how it behaves once I try that.

In other news, I’m plugging away on the Nutkin socks for my mother. I was loving the pattern until I came to the heels, which are my first experience with short row heel shaping. The pattern uses the yarn over method, and three frogs later, I gave up on that. For whatever reason, I just could not wrap my head around how everything was supposed to work. After some serious googling, I came up with a tutorial for the wrap method that seems to make much more sense, and was based on the correct stitch count. I tried it once yesterday, and have actually already frogged it once, but I could see where I’d gone wrong, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be ok on the second go around. Doing it this way has even sort of made the yarn over method make more sense. Not so much that I’m willing to give it another go today, but I might try it again the future.

The one thing I’m definitely still completely in love with from this project is the yarn: Pine Woods Yarn, which is locally made, and from what I can tell, only available at Seaport Yarns in town. This is the only yarn that I’ve worked with where I feel like squealing “It’s sooooo soft!” everytime I touch it (and I’ve worked with some of the more widely available yarns that elicit that reaction from a wide variety of people). I’ve been restraining myself from running down and buying some more to keep for myself. I figure I have plenty of other yarn to play with for the moment, and it might just be a fluke anyway, so I should avoid buying more to avoid disappointment. Ok, that’s crazy talk, but it’s keeping me away from the store for now 😉

Knitting Notes

Since it was a rainy for part of my weekend away, I was able to work on sock #2 of the Embossed Leaves socks for a good chunk of Saturday. Between that and last night, I’m nearly to the heel turn. I don’t have much left to go for that once I have some time to sit down and devote to it. It might actually be fun to finish one of the earth Project Spectrum projects I’d planned within their alloted months.

I haven’t gone back to examine my Sitcom Chic sweater yet. I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong, but that’s going to require a fair amount of ripping, and I haven’t psyched myself up for that yet. Maybe over this long weekend. We’ll see. I’m still fairly disgusted with myself for not noticing. I will say that’s my one annoyance with the pattern. It had a fair number of stitch checks at the bottom, but nothing once you got through the first third of it.

Knitting Notes

Despite the lack of progress posts, I have actually been alternating between my two Project Spectrum themed projects most nights. I went on a bit of a clean-up binge today, and managed to finish the first Embossed Leaves sock. Totally love these socks. I’m just a little sad, because I’m pretty much out of the season where I actually wear wool socks, so I suspect I won’t be wearing these until sometime next fall.

I’ve also been working on the Sitcom Chic sweater. I got the body up to the point were I could stop and make sleeves. I finished sleeve number 1 today. I’ll probably try to at least get the second sleeve done before I start on the next Embossed Leaves sock.

In other news, since I was on a roll, I picked up my Jaywalker socks today as well, but ended up frogging them. That yarn did not want to be that pattern. I still really like that pattern, but I’m going to have to come up with another yarn to use for it, and this yarn is now in search of a new project. Oh well. At least I gave up before cutting anything.

Knitting Notes

Still working on the Embossed Leaves Socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks. Finally got out of the twisted rib section (I hate knitting into the back of the loop!) and into the actual pattern. It’s a pretty simple pattern, and I’m still absolutely loving the colors of this yarn. I’m also enjoying working from my first center pull yarn cake. I love being able to set it on the couch and not have it move from that position. Definitely making me ponder getting my own ball winder.

Knitting Notes

So, despite the fact that I promised myself I wouldn’t work on them again until I had more of my Sitcom Chic sweater, or more Project Spectrum stuff done, I recast on my Jaywalkers again. This time, I obeyed the pattern, and used size 1 needles, and they seem much more to gauge this time around. I did put them aside for a little while though, because the size 1 needles I had were some Brittany needles in their shortest length, and while I was getting used to the length, one of the needles was very warped, and was making me nervous.

So, I broke down and bought the Knit Picks Harmony set. They arrived just in time for me to take them on my long weekend trip to Rhode Island. Love these needles! They’re nice and strong, and slippery, yet not too slippery. The tips are nice and sharp, too. I managed about another inch and half of the regular pattern, and started the heel over the weekend, on my downtime from gaming.

Now, we have moved to the next phase of Project Spectrum (Earth), so last week, I also cast on some Embossed Leaves socks, in some Kindred Spirits yarn I picked up because she managed to catch all of my favorites colors in one skein of yarn. It reminds me of a sunny day in the woods, with the green and brown of the trees, and a little blue for the peeks of sky. Love, love, love this yarn. As you can see, the socks haven’t gotten that far (I hate twisted rib. Knitting into the back of the stitch annoys me), but now that I’m home again, I’ll have more time to devote to them.

I also broke down and bought a largish knitting bag with a built in stand, for around the house. After trying to clean for Easter dinner, and realizing I had knitting supplies strewn around a rather large corner of the living room, I knew I needed to buy something that would hold everything I was working on, and could be dragged elsewhere on the rare occasions we really wanted to clean. So I grabbed a Bagsmith bag from Knit Picks (two items and I got free shipping, woo!), and everything is now neatly contained.