Scarborough Marsh – Scarborough, ME


Mount Washington – Sargent’s Purchase, NH


Spur of the moment on Thursday, since we both had Friday off, and the heat is coming in, we decided it would be fun to drive up the Mount Washington Auto Road.   It was sunny and quite warm at the bottom, but we drove into pea soup fog (it was fog lights and hazards for everyone driving) at the summit.     So I’ve been to the top of Mount Washington, but I can’t say I’ve seen much of it.

We scoped out the Alpine Garden path on our way down.   One of these years, I need to get there in mid-June when everything is blooming.   But I did at least get to see Diapensia, which is one of the unique alpine plants you can only find in a few places in New England like Mount Washington, so that was pretty cool.