Rhododendron State Park – Fitzwilliam, NH

We hit this park too early to see the Rhododendron maximum bloom this year, but since we were coming through on a route we’d never taken before, we decided we at least had to scope it out.     In another couple of weeks, when the rhodies are blooming (yes, there are rhodies that bloom later than June), it should be amazing.    As it was, it was like walking through a jungle in places.     And we could tell it would be an amazing place to visit in earlier spring for some of spring wildflowers.

Cathedral of the Pines – Rindge, NH


I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do at Cathedral of the Pines – it seemed like an interruption of the place.    It’s a non-denominational open air cathedral dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces.     It’s also incredibly peaceful, and just a lovely place.

One thing I did find particularly touching is their bell tower – it’s a monument of the service and sacrifices of women, both civilians and in the services.    The art was created by Norman Rockwell, and cast by his son Peter.    There are monuments to the civilian women of the world wars, the women of the services of the world wars, Clara Barton, and pioneer women.   It’s just a lovely tribute.