Black Beach – Falmouth, MA


The other way to get a beach to yourself on Cape Cod is to go with a local to the beach that only they all know the back way into.   (We didn’t get it completely to ourselves, but that was just because the sun came out, and everyone wanted to get out of the house.)




This was the weekend of our annual pie-based party down in MA, and this year, which I think has been the first time in three or four years, the snow was melted enough that the snowdrops were up in our friends’ neighbor’s yard.     Yay green things!

In Which I Show Where My Interests Lie

a12012018 001

So we met up with the BF’s brother in Boston last weekend, and had a great ramble around the city, with a couple of nice stops for food.    The above is the only picture I took that day.  (Well, there were a couple different views – five pictures total.)   I would like to point out that it’s in Beacon Hill, one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Boston.    And I was distracted by grapevine.    Apparently, I like my gardens…