Garden Notes


One of my clivia is finally blooming – for the first time in about five years, I think.   I’d really missed them – it’s such a nice sign of things to come this time of year.

In other news, my seedlings are doing really well – I need to get a bunch of them into bigger pots this weekend.    The new grow light seems to be doing well.   It’s one of those smancy LEDs with only the blue and red lights, so it photographs horrifically, but the seedlings under it seem to be happy.


Indoor Garden




I did a little movement with the houseplants this week, so it seemed a good time for a status check.

Things mostly seem fine after the summer vacation and repotting I was forced into by an infestation last winter.    About the only thing that really changed is that I can no longer keep the smaller peace lily on the radiator.   It’s just drying out at the drop of a hat.     I wonder if I should have put it in a bigger pot.   So I may need to attend to that when it warms up.

I also moved the snake plant over to the front window this weekend.    I’m considering getting a big statement plant to replace it in that corner of the dining room.    I’d rather have something that’s big on top, rather than sending over leaves that enjoy falling right in the walking path to the living room.


And finally, my father asked me for a cutting of the Grammie begonia a couple years ago at this point.    And I can’t seem to get any to root in potting soil.    So I’m trying several in water.    Let’s see if that does anything…

The Indoor Garden

My Grammie begonia (so named because the original slip came to us from my mother’s mother), is actually blooming.   It’s a foliage begonia, and I’ve only had one bloom one other year for me (in the ten years I’ve had one in the house – this one is a slip of the older one that originally bloomed).    I assume they probably bloom just as often in their native habitat as the begonias we buy for the flowers, but it’s different enough here for a special notice.

Garden Notes

My favorite bulbs – grape hyacinths (muscari) – are out. I even have a white one this year, though of course, I can’t get it to photograph correctly. I’ll have to try again if it manages to survive the next couple days of rainy weather.

I have no idea why I love these guys so much, but I lust after all the interesting varieties I see in catalogs. I tried doing them in containers one year, but they didn’t work out very well, so I’m stuck planting them in my hypothetical garden beds for the hypothetical house I’ll buy some day.

This weekend, I began my grand gardening experiment for the year – vegetables! The planter on the right has mesclun mix, and the planter on the left has a radish mix, both of which I bought from the Cook’s Garden. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. I figured containers were small scale enough I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if nothing comes of them.

My other fun gardening task this weekend was repotting my extremely potbound peace lily. The poor thing had gotten to the point where it was wilting in less than a week after I’d watered it. Getting it out of the pot showed why. I didn’t even have to try very hard to get it out. It was all root.

It’s happily resettled into two different pots, and seems much happier now.

Garden Part Tres

It’s hot out today. I did probably the least amount of work of any of the days this weekend, but came in the stickiest.

The zinnias are now planted in the side garden. I also potted an Italian parsley seedling I got a couple weeks back from my mother. So, the outside garden is done.

Mainly what I did this morning was house plant maintainence. I should first note that my father sent me home last week with a cold loving orchid, so that’s the most recent addition to my collection. Today, I gave some pretty careful thought about some of the other plants I have, and decide to get rid of three of them. Gone are a bromelaid that stopped blooming eons ago, a planter of three angel plants that were just looking bad, and my wandering jew.

With the wandering jew, I actually took a few cuttings and placed them in a vase in a sunny window, so I should be able to reroot those in a better pot at some point. The bromelaid pot and other pot are now home to the calla lily outside and the snake plant that burst its former home. (I’d like to see it get out of the new pot.) I also repotted my foliage begonia. It’s been in the same pot for nearly five years, so I took it out, cut off some of the excess, and put it back in the same pot with fresh soil.

Everything’s currently outside drying off, but by tonight, I should be able to put everything back and see if I need to move anything around. I might actually be able to get the aloe out of exile in the dining room and put it over with all the other plants in the living room.

And thus concludes my Memorial Day Gardening marathon. I’m pretty happy with the work, even if my thighs are currently a little irritated with me.