Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens – Boothbay, ME

I was in the Boothbay region last week from Tuesday to Thursday while I took a class at CMBG (Native plants in the Maine landscape – with a heavy dose of plant identification).     It was a great class – made me wish I was retired so I had time to do more of this kind of thing.

I am happy to report that I have a much better idea of how to identify some of my plant nemeses (Solidago – I’m looking at you).  Sadly, it involves either collecting plants for later review, or having a field guide and hand lens on me at all times, so I’m not sure I’ll always put it into action, but it’s nice to at least have the tools to do so.

The above are pictures of the formal gardens taken while I wandered around before/during breaks/after class.   (The wildflowers in an earlier post are also during a break – but I specifically went after wildflowers that time.)

Heritage Museum and Gardens – Sandwich, MA

This is a neat place to visit in Cape Cod – not only are there gardens, but there’s a collection of antique cars, and a few art galleries scattered about the grounds.

They also have a really cool hidden children’s garden, and some great programs, even if it does mean that the adults are being followed around the grounds by the sound of a children’s band from the event garden.    It was a cool place to wander around.

I’d definitely like to go back on late Spring- there are a ton of rhodies that must look amazing.    We did hit the hydrangea and day lily collections in full bloom, which were lovely.

Jardin Botanique Montreal – Outdoor Gardens

On Saturday (6/17), we headed out to the botanical garden, which was an easy subway ride from our hotel.    The place is huge – there’s also an insectarium and a biodome you can visit – I don’t know how people do it.     We managed maybe a quarter of the outside gardens, and the conservatory (that’ll be the next entry).    I need to go back – there are still things I want to see that we didn’t get to.

I really loved how much in the outdoor gardens were plants I could grow in my own garden – I was taking (picture) notes left and right when labels were available.