Palm Beach Zoo – West Palm Beach, FL

I’m so behind in posting, but here’s what we did on our last full day in Florida.    This is not the biggest zoo I’ve ever been to, but it’s really well done.   Nice habitats for the animals, and just the right speed for the two year old.    Definitely worth a trip with kids.

Green Cay Wetlands – Boynton Beach, FL

We left the house at 7:00 so we could hopefully see plenty of birds, and were not disappointed.     Even got through the whole walk in enough time to get to breakfast before everyone else was up.   I did maintain my streak of not seeing alligators in the wild, even though the last time my sister was here, they managed to see two alligators fighting over a turtle.

Delray Beach, FL

I’m back from a very delightful break from winter in Florida.    My sister and niece were there as well (we stayed with my father and C at their condo), which was so much fun.    You can really have a conversation with her now.  I’m sorry they’re not closer so we can have them more often.  But anyway, I enjoyed my brief interlude of wearing socks only when I chose to and not being surgically attached to a bottle of hand lotion.    I’ve been back less than twenty four hours, and both the socks and hand lotion are firmly back in place.

Morikami Japanese Garden, Delray Beach, Florida

The gardens at the Morikami Japanese Garden and Museum were definitely the highlight of my trip to Florida. It’s an absolutely gorgeously done garden, with a progression of well labelled styles. We didn’t explore the main museum building (other than their awesome gift shop), but the Yamato-san (the original museum building) has a great exhibit called Japan Through the Eyes of a Child that was a ton of fun to go through.

There was also bonsai, and rock gardens, and carp, and it was just a lovely place to wander through. I blame it almost entirely for the intense garden itch I am now unable to do anything with since returning to the arctic tundra of Maine.

Miami Beach, Florida

I went down to Florida to stay with my father and C, and my sister flew in from LA to join us. On one of our full days, we traveled down to Miami. My step-sister A, who lives in the area full time, took us on a driving tour through Miami proper (we were there on Sunday, so it was surprisingly dead), before we parked in South Beach and wondered around for a bit.

The art deco buildings are pretty damn cool, and we stumbled upon Espanola Way, which is a pedestrian street that feels like you must have stepped into some Mediterranean country. We stopped and had lunch at a street cafe, which was quite possibly the best people watching experience of my entire life. It’s a fantastic place, well worth visiting.