11072017 002a

Playing a little catch up here – three weeks ago was Romaine lettuce, baby bok choy, fava greens, and micro greens.

The next week was the final meat shipment, which was veal stew meat, chicken quarters and pork chops.
11212017 005a

This Tuesday was the final greens delivery, which was Savoy cabbage, Swiss chard, leeks and pea shoots.



a10242017 003

This week’s haul was baby kale, arugula, radicchio and micro greens.

Last week, for the monthly meat share, I got ground beef, chicken breast, country spare ribs and a chuck steak.



10102017 007a

This week’s haul (with terrible picture quality because it’s now quite a bit darker after work) was purple cauliflower, kale, herb salad mix, baby arugula and some sort of Asian brassica whose names completely escapes me (and I can’t find my notes).