a07192017 001

The latest CSA haul: lettuce, cilantro, Swiss chard and some gorgeous purple scallions.    We also got our first meat delivery, which is not pictured because hunks of frozen meat just don’t look that great.     That was mutton sausage (already that – it was yum!), pork jowl bacon and chicken leg quarters.


a07052017 004

This was this week’s haul – baby lettuce, regular lettuce, sage, and Tuscan kale.   I also added green garlic and some shelling peas.

I have never seen Tuscan kale that large – I was sure it had to be some other variety.    I’ve grown this myself, and it’s never come out with leaves that wide.

The shelling peas were great.    I’d gotten a pound.    When I started shelling, I felt like I should have gotten at least two pounds.   By the time I was done, one pound seemed just fine.    They were great, lightly cooked in butter, until they had just turned a brighter shade of green.

Harvest Hub Share

IMG_0161aWe started a new farm share of sorts – this one is offered through my job, and is a consortium of farms, so offered some more flexibility than my last CSA share.   (I still love that farm, and would recommend them to anyone looking to do a more traditional CSA share.)

We’re just doing greens this year, and their meat share.   Sadly, we were going to Montreal for the first meat delivery, so we have to wait until July to see that.    But the above is our first greens share.    I would not have expected kohlrabi, though I suppose it is more of a green than many other vegetables.

Further Adventures in Domesecity

So this year, our CSA is growing rhubarb.    I’ve done strawberry rhubarb crisp, and a killer rhubarb coffee cake, so where do you go next?    Jam!    The above is a Vanilla Balsamic Rhubarb Jam, and for once, it actually made more than the recipe said, so I had a small jar’s worth to sample, and I can say that it’s definitely good.   (I also have another large jar in the fridge – victim of seal failure.)    It’s on the more savory side, so should go really nicely with cheese and crackers.

Speaking of the CSA, it was peony week this week.   Aren’t they pretty?

Further Adventures in Domesicity

So what do you do when the CSA gives you a pound of green tomatoes?   Pickle them!

You’ll notice a bit of orange – a couple had started to turn a bit toward ripeness by the time I got to them, but were definitely still of green tomato consistency, so I just cut them up and made sure there was some in each jar.

This is the Small Batch Pickled Green Tomatoes recipe from Food in Jars.    They’re supposed to cure for at least a week, so I haven’t tried them yet.   Here’s hoping they’re good, because there’s a frost coming in two days, and a ton of green cherry tomatoes that are coming inside today…