10102017 007a

This week’s haul (with terrible picture quality because it’s now quite a bit darker after work) was purple cauliflower, kale, herb salad mix, baby arugula and some sort of Asian brassica whose names completely escapes me (and I can’t find my notes).



a07192017 001

The latest CSA haul: lettuce, cilantro, Swiss chard and some gorgeous purple scallions.    We also got our first meat delivery, which is not pictured because hunks of frozen meat just don’t look that great.     That was mutton sausage (already that – it was yum!), pork jowl bacon and chicken leg quarters.


a07052017 004

This was this week’s haul – baby lettuce, regular lettuce, sage, and Tuscan kale.   I also added green garlic and some shelling peas.

I have never seen Tuscan kale that large – I was sure it had to be some other variety.    I’ve grown this myself, and it’s never come out with leaves that wide.

The shelling peas were great.    I’d gotten a pound.    When I started shelling, I felt like I should have gotten at least two pounds.   By the time I was done, one pound seemed just fine.    They were great, lightly cooked in butter, until they had just turned a brighter shade of green.