Garden Notes

07062019 007

Here’s today’s project.    The food forest attached to the community garden has two beautiful elder shrubs.     I was out at around 8:00 this morning to beat the heat and humidity.   I pulled off 18 heads, and you wouldn’t even know I was there.

Making a sugar syrup was not my idea of the best thing to do on a humid July morning, but I pushed on through, and everything is currently steeping for the next 24 hours.    I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out.


Garden Notes


I only finally got the plants out to harden off on Wednesday, between our trip, and the ridiculous amount of cold and rain we’ve been getting.    Things were definitely starting to get leggy, so I planted out most everything today.

The pepper are still inside (I’ll be putting them out for tonight at the next chance I have to go outside), and I decided not to plant the basil yet (and the zinnias- I’m trying to decide what to do with those).    Everything else went out today.


The community garden bed had gotten weedy while I was gone – I definitely need to keep an eye on that.   The garlic is looking really nice, and the surviving blood sorrel is looking rather lush.

Today, I planted calendula, Swiss chard, some onions that I thought were shallots when I bought them, broccoli, chocolate flowers, nigella, salvia, brussels sprouts, Lacinto kale, and gem marigolds.     There’s space waiting for the peppers.

I’m not sure about the nigella – it got really leggy.   I may try to direct sow some in there as well to see if I get a second crop, just in case.


At home, I got in collards, broccoli greens, khuri squash, thyme, orange thyme, lemon balm, oregano, parsley, gem marigolds, calendula, chocolate flowers, and nigella.   I have space waiting for peppers and basil here.

Garden Notes

I feel like a garden update is long overdue, but I usually do those when I have new pictures, and I have nothing new pictorially to report.

April was really cool, and really wet.    May so far has been a bit better, but still on the cool side.   So my seedlings are still hanging out inside, because I’m not comfortable yet putting them outside, even under cover.    I will probably not be hardening them off until the week of Memorial Day.     That’s ok – Memorial Day is often iffy for being truly warm enough, but I’ve never waited that long before to even put them outside.

We had our kick off for the community garden last Thursday, so that’s officially rolling.   Again, I don’t dare put anything out yet, so it’s pretty much just the garlic show over there for the moment.   I do need to get over there and put on the bagged compost I’ve been saving up.

I took Friday off to have a long weekend, and since that day was rainy, I did some garage clean up that morning.    I managed to get things neatened up in there, and I did refresh some of the larger pots for the side garden with reserved compost.   Once I get figure out how much I have leftover from the community garden plot, I’ll get the rest of the pots prepped for that.

So pretty much just a holding pattern for now, waiting for slightly warmer weather.

Garden Notes


I finally got over to the community garden plot on Thursday – it’s been pretty rainy this April, so it took way to long to get some time that corresponded to not being way too damp.     It doesn’t look like much right now, but I at least got the winter detritus cleared away.   The leaves I put on last fall were all gone, so if I do that for mulch again, I’ll need to figure out a way to get them to stay down.

At this point, I need to spread out some of the bagged compost I’ve been saving, and see what I might want to plant directly in the ground before I can put in the more tender seedlings.

I am happy to report that the garlic I planted last fall is up, and looking really good.    So there is at least a little green over there for the moment.

Garden Notes

I finally got the rest of the seedlings potted up this weekend.  I had to bring in the spare light, so I may end up investing in good light number three next year.    I also need to look into getting some sort of better tray set up – I’m almost out of room.

I think I’ll also start things about a month later next year.    With the heat mat, things so sprouted so well that a month less will still be plenty.

Garden Notes


The smaller clivia seems to have finally taken to repotting – second year in a row, it’s bloomed again in March.

My seedlings are doing pretty well.     With them starting out so well with the heat mats, I think I’ll start them a little later next year.  Some of them are getting a little leggy, so I’ve put a fan on them (intermittently) to hopefully harden them up a bit.

Garden Notes

03022019 007a

Seed starting has begun!   I’ve got 16 different types of seeds in today.

This year’s new and improved kit includes a second bright white LED light of the kind I bought last year, and heat mats!  (Christmas gift from the BF.)     Plus new shelves long enough to hold them.   I still have my old florescent light, but I’m really hoping I’ll be able to fit everything under these two lights – they’ll be cheaper to run.