Knitting Notes

I’m very nearly done with the garter yoke baby cardi. I was holding off finishing until today, so I could pick up buttons and have them there for size comparison as I put on the buttonhole band. Once I do that and weave in some ends, I’m done. (Of course, I’ve been working my butt off on this because the shower was supposed to be on Tuesday, but it was rescheduled yesterday to a week from Tuesday. So I have a little breathing room, but should really still finish it this weekend, as I need to get my mother’s socks done for sometime around the 16th.)

On fun side note, I stopped by the local salvage store since it’s in the same plaza as Joann’s, and they had a new shipment of books. Per usual, they were mostly crap, but I did manage to score a copy of the Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats that I’ve had on my Amazon wishlist since 2001. That was definitely a fruitful shopping trip.