Sewing Notes

Since I had the sewing machine out for the button holer (which I have incidentally given up on for the time being), I figured I might as well get the project bags I’d taken fabric out for last spring out of the way.

The first bag is from two fat quarters of a fat quarter set I got at Purl Soho lo these seven(!) years ago when I was in NYC.   I made that one big enough to hold a sweater.   (Good thing, since I foresee this button hole fiasco holding on for a while).

The second one is one of the Liberty Lawn pieces I got in the meter set back when we went to Liberty in London three years back.   Rather annoyingly, that set was not the equivalent of  fat quarters – each one was a long strip instead.     But it’s just the nicest fabric – I could sit there petting it for hours.   So I pieced it together into the right size for a project bag, and will enjoy using it immensely.   I’m not so fancy that a middle seam will annoy me that much.

I do still need to get some cording – I’m going to find something a little more heavy duty to order instead of the ribbons I’ve used in the past.

Knitting Notes


The knitting portion of my Salal sweater is done.   However, I’m trying to do a reinforced grosgrain ribbon button band, and the buttonholer in my sewing machine is kicking my butt.    Fortunately, I have plenty of grosgrain ribbon.    So that’ll get done eventually.    I’ve given up for today, at least.


I finished out the Quince and Co Tern Buoy colorway.   This would have been a good using up yarn month had I not made the mistake of stopping by Mother of Purl on my way through Freeport last week.    (That incident has been immortalized on Instagram.)

Sewing Notes

In “keeping myself occupied while using up my PTO at the end of the year” news, I made a bag for storing my shawls – mainly the Evenstar shawl. I’ve decided to store those in my sweater drawer, and I want an extra layer or protection for the ones I don’t wear often.

You can barely tell, but I’ve lined this in a contrasting yellow. (This is the second half of a matched set of fat quarters I bought a number of years ago.)

Sewing Notes


It’s impossible to buy gift bags that aren’t either rigid, or the size of a car seat box.    I’m shipping the things I bought for BF’s cousin’s baby, and I would very much prefer a bag I can mush into a shipping box.     So, I had to sew to my own.    (As a measure of how much I like K and J, I stood in line at Joann Fabric the Saturday after Black Friday with one bolt of fabric to cut.   Hilariously, they had run of numbers in the deli counter number system they usually use for the cutting table…)

Sewing Notes


To go along with the baby blanket (and the box full of other assorted swag I’ll be sending to CA shortly), I completed two gift bags, in this cute fabric.    It doesn’t necessarily go with the color scheme of the blanket, but I really liked the fabric, so I decided I don’t care.