Mast Landing Sanctuary – Freeport, ME

It was not a good winter for trees – we decided to check out this sanctuary for the first time on Saturday, and on everything single trail eventually it got to the point where it was blocked by several downed trees.   And I’m sure they never budget for that amount of clean up, so it’s probably going to be a while before various paths are back up and available again.

Crescent Beach State Park – Cape Elizabeth, ME

What a difference a month makes.   It’s amazing how much sand the water has already pushed out of the dunes from the large nor’easter that came through the last time we were at Crescent.

For that particular storm, we’d really just gotten the coastal flooding effects.    We got four total nor’easters this February/March.     The forth one was mostly a bust here, but two and three got us pretty good, which led to the bellow:

When we’d come for the last storm, we were able to drive into the parking lot (which is in view of the beach).     The access road was blocked when we arrived yesterday.    We were a little confused, until we walked around the first bend, and saw the above.    These would have come down in storm two or three, and there were easily a dozen, still littering the road.    It really was quite the wild month for weather.