Knitting Notes

a11252018 006

I was seized by the sudden, intense desire to try and get rid of some yarn ends.    So, the Briggs and Little Heritage yarn all went into the worsted scrap blanket I’ve been working on.   (Working on blankets is the best!   Can’t beat a built in lap warmer.)


I got almost all the way to the end of Flora, and had to quit.   I didn’t have quite enough of the Maple colorway to finish it.    I’m actually ok with this.    It was going to end up shorter than I really like in a hat, and I didn’t love how tight some of my stitches were – the single line parts of the pattern didn’t look great.     So it’s probably not a bad thing I have to frog this.    Though it is a shame I’m not knocking that Maple yarn off my end of the year yarn count.


Last but not least, I cast on the Willowfall Cowl by Erin Kurup.   This is using the Shibui Knits Staccato I bought earlier this year.

We’ll see if I come up with any more stash busters before the end of the month.


Knitting Notes


Here’s the last of the Tess’s Twinkle Toes in Underwater Grotto – a swirl hat, a sweater ornament, and still managed two hexipuffs.



Since then, I’ve cast on Flora, by Margaux Hufnagel, using some of the Quince and Co. Lark leftover from my 40th birthday sweater.   (Maple and Petal, to be specific).    Pretty easy knit so far, though I think it might be a little big, so I may recast it on with smaller needles.    We’ll see.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Twisted Flower Socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Tess’ Designer Yarns Twinkle Toes in Underwater Grotto
Needles: Size 1.5 DPNs

The Twisted Flower socks for K are done!   I’m surprised I took as long on these as I did – it’s an enjoyable pattern that’s just challenging enough, and the yarn is lovely to work with.

Knitting Notes

Here’s another go at trying to use the Fibre Co Knightsbridge yarn I’d frogged from a February Lady sweater ages ago.   Sadly, it’s discontinued (this was the version before the company was sold to Kelbourne), so I have no way of getting more.    I recovered most of it, so I just can’t understand how I got it into a February Lady sweater, but can’t seem to get it into another sweater.

I’m trying Salal, by Andi Satterlund.   That’s at least a cropped sweater, meant to be worn over dresses, so hopefully, I can make this work.   (The yardage seems like it should work, but I’ve been wrong there before.)

Knitting Notes


New month, new knitting.     I get to do socks because my friend K requested a new pair.    (I’m at peak sock myself – I’ll only allow myself to make more if they’re for someone else.   Which is a bummer, because I love making them.)

This is Cookie A’s Twisted Flower, in Tess’ Designer Yarns Twinkle Toes in the Underwater Grotto colorway.   So far, so good.   I love Cookie A’s patterns because they’re just so interesting.    And I adore this yarn.   So good project all around.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Honey Cowl by Antonia Shankland
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in the Stonechat colorway
Needles: Size 9 circs

Here’s the Honey Cowl I made for my friend L.     Love this yarn – it’s so pleasant to work with, and it looks really cool in this pattern.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Adama by Hillary Smith Callis
Yarn: madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the Cardinal colorway
Needles: Size 10 circs

So I never do my finishing posts until I’ve blocked things that need blocking.   This was actually finished back in May, so this may be my all time longest stretch between finishing and blocking something.    Granted, with the way this summer is going, it’s not like I’m in any danger of wanting (let alone needing) to wear this any time soon.

Really enjoyed this pattern.   It’s a sibling to Starshower, but in a larger gauge, so pretty fast to knit up.     I also liked the yarn.    Really pretty color, but probably not quite as soft and nice to work with as some other yarns.  But the color goes a long way to make up for that.