Knitting Notes


I’ve finished the colorwork section of my Snowflower sweater.    It’s been slightly slow going- it’s been hot enough on and off I haven’t been working on it every night.    I’ve also been procrastinating on the next task, which is to undo the provisional cast on at the bottom, so I can continue.   I need a very free evening to do that.    I’ve at least gotten better at provisional cast ons that are easier to undo, but it’s still one of my least favorite knitting things to have to do.    (That said, I do it because it usually results in a really nice finished product.)


Knitting Notes


The child sized Skull hat is done.   I’m not officially closing out the project yet – this is a bit big for M this year.   So I have to have a little think about that.


So, in the meantime, I’m moving on to something else.    This is my 40th birthday sweater – I asked for the yarn for my birthday, so I could get Quince and Co. Lark.   It’s Heidi Kirrmaier’s Snowflower.    You could be forgiven for thinking it’s gray, but that’s the waste yarn for the provisional cast on.   The main color will be Barolo, and the colorwork yoke will also include Petal, Maple, Belize and Aleutian.

Knitting Notes


So while this is done, I’m not doing the normal full write up because it’s part of a set – Poppa and baby hats for my BIL and niece.    Hers will be done in black and pink.    That one will be a bit more interesting – I have to adapt the pattern to get it small enough for a one year old (these will be for Christmas – yep, I’m starting early).  So there will be some swatching and math in my future.

This one is in DK weight yarn – the blue is leftover Reynolds Soft Sea Wool, and the black is Knit One Crochet Too Sebago in the Ebony colorway.    That was an interesting yarn – it’s not particularly plied, so was a bit splitty on the needles, but it does make a very nice fabric.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Winter’s Fern by Trin-Annelie
Yarn: Briggs and Little Heritage in Natural White, Medium Gray and Blue Heather
Needles: Size 7 and 8 circs and 8 DPNs

Here’s the beanie version of this hat.    Both of these are going to be donated – I love the pattern, but I don’t like the way it sits on my head, unfortunately.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Pussyhat, Four Gauges, in the Round, by Sarah Keller
Yarn: Valley Yarns Northampton in the Bright Pink colorway
Needles: Size 8 circs and DPNs

Just a quick little project, for a special request to have one on hand in case they’re needed again.    I had enough yarn to make one more that was almost as big, so I went ahead and used up the yarn to do that.

Really liked this yarn – very pleasant to work with.    I’d definitely get it again.

Knitting Notes

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Pattern: Winter’s Fern by Trin-Annelie
Yarn: Briggs and Little Heritage in the Natural White, Blue Heather and Medium Gray colorways
Needles: Size 8 circs and DPNs

It’s amazing how much easier it is a make a pattern when you’re using the same yarn for all three colors (please read with heavy sarcasm…)    This go was much easier than the last one, when I’d attempted two different yarns that weren’t quite similar enough by weight.    I’d say this would be a good intro to stranded colorwork – I didn’t find it difficult to keep the three colors going at once.

This yarn is not a soft, squishy wool.    But it does make a nice, dense fabric, and frankly with our winters, I think that’s better than being soft.

Knitting Notes


Let’s try this one again.   Here’s another go at the Winter’s Fern hat, by Trin-Annelie.    This time, I’m using the same yarn for all three colors.    (Briggs and Little Heritage).    I bought this from the close-outs at Webs, and got it out of the bag, and was shocked by how big the skeins were.    It’s on the coarser side of wool, but I do want some warmer hats, so hopefully that will help with that.

I’m still in the ribbing at the moment, so we’ll see how those goes when I really get going.