Knitting Notes


Pattern: Damsel by Josee Paquin
Yarn: Quince and Co Willet in the Dory colorway
Needles: Size 6 circs

I decided to treat myself to the summer Quince Quarterly offering (level 1), because I figured it would be a fiber I didn’t usually knit with (it was – cotton), and it would be fun to get a random pattern.     I also really liked the colorway I ended up getting.  It’s not something I normally would have picked for myself, but it’s a lovely color.

This was a nice knit – just complicated enough to keep things interesting.   I finally got smart and bound off with a needle two sizes larger than what I’d been using, which made a for a much stretchier bind off than I’ve been managing lately.

The Willet is nice yarn, actually pretty soft for a cotton, though switching over to sock yarn for the other project I’m currently running does highlight that I still very much prefer wool to cotton.   But if I needed cotton, I’d go with the Willet any day.


Knitting Notes


This is Eurydice, by SpillyJane (a pattern I’ve been holding onto from a sock club from looong ago.)     The yarn is Lichen and Lace Matte Sock, in the Teal Tide colorway.   I’m making these for my Aunt N.  (I hope.   She has size 11 feet, and I’m not positive I have enough yarn.   We’ll see.)

I will say, having been working with mostly cotton yarn lately, this yarn feels so soft it’s not even funny.   I do love wool.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Yarn: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash in the Paul colorway
Needles: Size 3 circs

My Hitchhiker is done.    This is a really enjoyable pattern – good sized repeat, and excellent tv (or hanging out with your two year old niece who has just enough attention span to let you do a once over) knitting.

I really like the yarn – I need to get my hands on another skein so I can try socks.     I should really do another trip to Europe so I can accomplish that…


I managed one whole hexipuff out of the leftovers.

Knitting Notes


The knitting portion of my Salal sweater is done.   However, I’m trying to do a reinforced grosgrain ribbon button band, and the buttonholer in my sewing machine is kicking my butt.    Fortunately, I have plenty of grosgrain ribbon.    So that’ll get done eventually.    I’ve given up for today, at least.


I finished out the Quince and Co Tern Buoy colorway.   This would have been a good using up yarn month had I not made the mistake of stopping by Mother of Purl on my way through Freeport last week.    (That incident has been immortalized on Instagram.)

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Knit Stars by Kirsten Hipsky
Yarn: Quince and Co Tern in the Buoy colorway
Needles: Size 3 DPNs

Here’s a fun little stash busting pattern.   Since I had some yellow yarn, I felt like I really needed to use it in some Christmas stars – this is a really easy pattern that fits that bill.

Knitting Notes


Pattern: Immie Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge
Yarn: Quince and Co Tern in the Buoy Colorway
Needles: Size 3 Circs

Here’s my Immie Tee, for M, whose current favorite color is “yelrow”.    I made it in the Age 4 size, but kept the normal needle size (I normally go up a size to get gauge because I knit pretty tightly).   So hopefully this will fit her soon, and for a while.

I have to give huge kudos to Madder customer service.   I was making this out of the Madder Anthology 1, and I suspect I was the first one knitting it out of the anthology itself, because when I got to the last page of the pattern, it just was not right.   I popped off an email, and by lunch the next business day, had the errata, as well as the standalone pattern so I could keep working on it.   So they’re completely awesome.

It’s a cute little pattern, not too difficult, but enough to keep things interesting.   And per usual, I love the Quince Tern.

Knitting Notes


I’ve run into a bit of an issue with the Immie Tee (pretty sure I found some errata), so I’m at a bit of a stop there, which is a shame, because I’m about 75 percent done.   But, I don’t actually need it until M’s birthday in November, so there’s at least that.

In the meantime, I’ve cast on a Hitchhiker Shawl by Martina Behm, using the Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure 100% Merino Superwash I picked up in London a few years back.    The colorway is Paul, which is pretty variegated, and while looking at what other people had used it for, I saw several Hitchhikers that just looked great.    So that sold it.    The pattern is pretty straightforward, and should be a nice break from something more complicated I can do on the side.