Garden Notes

10262019 006a

The community garden is officially put away for the season.  Well, sort of.     We have to clean up everything that needs to be cleaned up, and sign off on it by 11/1, and this being the last weekend before that date, I went ahead and pulled out everything that really needed to be pulled out.    And the Swiss chard and broccoli.    They were both producing quite a bit less, so I decided to harvest what was there, and pull those out – less to worry about later when it’s truly cold.

That leaves the kale and Brussels sprouts.    We still have not had a frost here – it’s come close, but not actually frosted, at least this close to the ocean.    Which is bizarre.    But means the brassicas are still doing great.    I also left the calendula – they still look good, and there were bees around them, so I figure I’ll leave them food as long as I can.

Garden Notes

I dehydrated the Korean peppers yesterday – the kitchen smelled lovely.   About fourteen peppers gave me a about a pint jar’s worth of dried shards.   (Plus a little room for a desiccant pack – we’re paranoid.)    We figure we’ll grind on demand.   Not bad considering my yield this year wasn’t great.

I’ve got basil drying out today – I pulled the plants out this morning.    We haven’t had a frost yet, but some things are looking the worse for the wear, like the basil.   So I decided to get ahead of as much as I could this morning in the side garden.    I’d already pulled the zinnias out of the community garden when I stopped by yesterday to pick some chard.    They definitely did not enjoy something about the conditions over the past week, because they were fine last weekend.

The brassicas are still looking great, and the calendula at the other garden is plugging along gamely.   I’ll be planting garlic shortly.

Garden Notes


The garlic is all cured, and cleaned up.   The two varieties I grew were Duganski and German Red – I think the larger heads on the left are the German Red.    Can’t wait to see how they taste.   Conveniently,  my last head of store garlic is just about out.

Garden Notes

08042019 001a

I have two khuri squash (one is hiding behind the one you can see here).   And of course, they’re hanging in thin air where I’m going to have to support them as they get heavier.   So much for trying to get a trellis.

08042019 004a

Everything else in the side garden is chugging along for the moment.    I have one more seedpod of nigella developing, after harvesting four, so it looks like I will have enough seed for next year.   (Those seeds do smell heavenly straight out of the pod.)

Garden Notes

07162019 003a.jpg

I feel like I’m a little behind in garden updates, but things were just kind of starting for while, and then it got hot.   So things are really chugging along at the moment, but I’m not necessarily sticking around to get pictures.   It’s more quick weeding, watering, and getting the heck back out of the sun.

I’ve had a couple different harvests of greens.    The flowers are just finally starting to take off.    And the squash are going gang busters over here in the side garden.    They’re overwhelming my current trellis system.

Strangely the peppers don’t seem to be doing as well in the community garden as the side garden – I’d thought it would be the opposite.   And the nigella I thought was lost have produced four seeds pods in the the poor little plants I’ve managed to keep alive over here.   So I just might get enough seed there to plant for next year.  (I will be direct sowing if I do that again.)

Garden Notes

07062019 007

Here’s today’s project.    The food forest attached to the community garden has two beautiful elder shrubs.     I was out at around 8:00 this morning to beat the heat and humidity.   I pulled off 18 heads, and you wouldn’t even know I was there.

Making a sugar syrup was not my idea of the best thing to do on a humid July morning, but I pushed on through, and everything is currently steeping for the next 24 hours.    I’m really looking forward to seeing how it comes out.