Garden Notes

The side garden is doing well- the cherry tomatoes are definitely starting to take off, and the ground cherries are actually setting fruit.

The ruffled Tuscan basil has been a bit of a bust – the other basils are just fine with the amount of water they’re getting, but I can’t keep that Tuscan basil happy.    I will not be getting that again.

a06242017 007

Yesterday, I added two peppers (another poblano and a sweet red), and some collard and sprouting broccoli seeds to the community garden bed.

a06252017 003This morning, I was back there for a work party (we started a perennial bed at what will eventually be the entrance when our fence arrives), and the zucchini had blossomed overnight.   (I could see the buds yesterday, but they didn’t at all look like they were ready to bloom.)

That bed is also doing well- the calendula have started to bloom this week, and the tomates are doing so well I added stakes to their cages.    That Tuscan basil even likes it a bit more over there – one of the six plants is still alive, though has gone to flower.   (There are ants all over it.)

Garden Notes

It’s about time!

There are still only a few iris blooming, but at least they’re blooming.    We had some nice weekend weather (these pictures are from Sunday), but then it went back to rain again.   They claim we’ll be back to sun tomorrow, and might even get into summer temperatures by next week.    I’m at the point where I’ll believe it when I see it.

Garden Notes

Planting is done, ahead of this afternoon’s rain.    It’s cool today, but it’s going to be in the 70s for the rest of the week, so I’m not fearing for my tomatoes, if they can get through today.

Today, I added nasturtiums, ground cherries, the rest of the chard, and yarrow.    I have two more blood sorrel that I’ve decided to add to the community garden bed the next time I’m over there.

Garden Notes

aa05272017 043

The iris in my garden are just about to bloom, but I’ve seen them blooming elsewhere, so I’m planting everything out this weekend.

a05272017 007

This was the fruits of my labors after a trip to the garden center after work on Friday, and the farmer’s market on Saturday.    (Where I managed to give myself and my mother a fright when we nearly plowed into each other while perusing the same tomato plants – we had not coordinated our trips.)

a05272017 011

I started out planting the community garden plot.    I’d brought a few more things than I ended up adding, but this will have: three tomatoes (Brandywine, Cherokee Purple and Purple Passion), two eggplant (an Asian variety and a small, fairy variety), two peppers (Baron – a poblano type and Cheyenne – which should be a not too hot red type), borage, dill, kale, calendula, lemon gem marigolds, regular marigolds, and zucchini.

a05272017 042

a05272017 046

a05272017 047

Once I got home, I decided to just start planting until I got too hungry to continue.   I got out zinnia, thyme, tarragon, parsley, two cherry tomatoes (Sweet 100 and Sungold), marigolds, bloody dock, kale, half the Swiss chard, basil (Tuscan, regular and Thai), sage and oregano.

a05272017 050

That just leaves half the Swiss chard, nasturtiums, yarrow, husk cherries and some more bloody dock.    I can definitely handle that by the end of the long weekend.

Community Garden Notes


The day before I went away, I received an email that the waiting list on the brand new community garden a few blocks away had opened up, and I had a spot waiting for me for this year if I still wanted it.

So it doesn’t look like much at the moment, but I’ve been making plans all week.    I’ve shifted a few things over that I was going to plant in the side garden, and also dreamed a bit.    I’m going to do some full size tomatoes, and some other veg (assuming I find seedlings I like) that I wouldn’t do in pots.    I’ll also do some herbs that will do better in the ground.    So this coming weekend’s shopping and planting extravaganza will be on two fronts.   I can’t wait!

Garden Notes

05182017 006a05182017 007a

Before my trip Down East, I’d given some serious thought to how I was going to harden off my seedlings, since I’ve done too many this year to be able to bring them in and out every day for a week or so.    After much googling, I finally settled on a modified hoop house, with row cover instead of plastic.     The cover had come before I left, but the hoops didn’t arrive until the day I returned.     So that’s now in the backyard for the next week.

I added an extra bay than I needed (and I still have two more hoops) because I figured there would probably be some plant shopping between now and planting weekend (Memorial Day weekend).     And between Saturday’s Farmers Market and the Tate House Plant Sale, I’ve been making headway on that other bay.

Garden Notes

a04302017 006a04302017 001

Spring clean up is finally done.   I got two more bags of leaves and other detritus out of the nooks and crannies of the back yard.

The herbs aren’t doing much yet – the lemon thyme is starting to stir, and I’ve got just a bit of mint in one of the three pots.     Still waiting to see if the sage and/or oregano survived.

I put together a window box with some soil and compost.   I’ll be planting that full of radishes in the next day or so – I wanted to give it a good soak and let that equilibrate first.