Garden Notes

05132018 002a

Most of the plants are out in the back yard, hardening off.    It’s probably going to be a while to finish that process – it’s been surprisingly cool.    We’ll get one random day in the 70s, and then it’s only in the 50s for the next three or four days.     I can’t see planting tomatoes or the like out anytime soon, if this continues.

05082018 003a

Now that the community garden plot is ironed out, I have some kale plants in, and I sowed some turnips and peas, which have sprouted.   I will probably plant out the Swiss chard (in the side garden) and the shallots (in the community bed), this weekend, but I’m holding off until at least next weekend for anything else.


Garden Notes

This morning, I did a ton of work on the side garden.   The daffodils have already done by (courtesy of one day in the 80s last week), so I trimmed those back, along with some other detritus from the Fall.

I also took out most of the large containers and topped them off with compost, so I could get them out, and starting to soak up rain water.   I did plant collard seeds in one of them, but the rest are just waiting.     I also have the herb pots in one small corner, waiting until the daffodil foliage dies back a little more.     There’s one big pot left in the garage that will eventually end up there.

I also figured out what was going on with my community garden bed today – we had our opening work party.    Due to a series of misunderstandings, my neighbor thought that she was being given my plot as her second plot.    After looking at all the options, I decided to let her have it, and take one of the two plots she was supposed to be moving to.    It’s just on the other side of my other neighbor’s plot, right next to one of the water spigots.     The woman who had it last year sadly was very ill, so I actually helped clean it out last year, so I know exactly what I’m getting into.   So I’ll have to replant my peas and turnips, but it’s still early, so I’m not too worried about it.

Garden Notes


It doesn’t look like much, but I did my first planting in the community garden plot on Monday – peas and turnips.

There’s a little weirdness going on – someone seems to have decided to spring clean my bed.     We have our kick off meeting on Sunday, so I’m hoping to have that cleared up by then  – it’s clearly my bed (my name is still on the stakes, and my sorrel is coming back), but I want to remove this weirdness that someone else might think this bed is theirs.

Garden Notes

The snow’s melting, and the crocus are up!   (They’ve probably been up for a week, but we’ve had two snow storms (yes, it is April) over the past week, so pictures weren’t easy to get.


So I knew I was growing way more seedlings than I did before, so I bought another grow light.    Well, it wasn’t enough.   I started moving things into bigger pots last weekend, and just ran out of room.    (That was late Sunday.)

So off we went to one of the local indoor gardening shops to get yet another grow light (it’s so bright!!), where I had the unique experience of telling them I appreciated the offer of the patient or caregiver discount, but I was just growing veg seedlings.    Apparently, those of us with garden seedlings are a small part of their business this time of year.  We’re still only in the developing the actual regulations for legalized pot stage of the game, so I found the whole thing mildly hilarious.


Here’s the chamomile and Little Fingers eggplant, patiently awaiting their chance at bigger pots.

Garden Notes


One of my clivia is finally blooming – for the first time in about five years, I think.   I’d really missed them – it’s such a nice sign of things to come this time of year.

In other news, my seedlings are doing really well – I need to get a bunch of them into bigger pots this weekend.    The new grow light seems to be doing well.   It’s one of those smancy LEDs with only the blue and red lights, so it photographs horrifically, but the seedlings under it seem to be happy.

Garden Notes

a03092018 002

Having to move the table I used to put the grow light out has worked out in spades.    It ended up near the warmest radiator in the house, which is also the sunniest spot in the house, so I had a place to start the seed starting trays that was warmer than it’s ever been before.     And I got sprouts more quickly than I ever have before.   The only thing I planted that hasn’t sprouted yet is the eggplant, and those are known to take a little while.

I even have a few plants with  100% success rate, within two days (the cornflowers, calendula, and shallots).

Garden Notes


It doesn’t look like much – but planting season is on!

Today, I planted cornflowers, chocolate flowers, calendula, gem marigolds, chamomile, Thai basil, Swiss chard, lacinato kale, shallots, and two kind of eggplant.

I also got this year’s application for the community garden plot on Friday, so that’s all ready to put in the mail.    Baby steps for Spring!