Garden Notes

The community garden bed is greening up.    We’ve had flea beetle over there pretty bad.    I’ve gone through way more kale than I should have, and the broccoli greens and broccoli are toast.   It hasn’t touched the Swiss chard (had the first harvest yesterday), but any of the runner beans I put directly in the ground are getting chomped before they leaf out.   The ones I planted at home have powered through, so I planted a few more in pots here a couple days ago – we’ll see if they come in time to fill out the trellis.

My peppers are also just not doing anything.    They’re getting eaten a little, but not enough to explain why they’ve just not grown at all.   The two I have in the side garden are coming along just fine.   I may need to take a break from peppers next year.


The side garden is doing pretty well – cautiously optimistic about the cucurbids, and the tomato is really starting to flower out.

Garden Notes

06212020 007a

This spring has not been kind to the community garden plot.     Right after I planted out most of the seedlings, the temperatures yoyo-ed a bit, and then it decided to stop raining.

I lost the marigolds and dahlias I put over there, as well as the broccoli and broccoli greens.    The two kales are limping along, and the peppers are not happy.    (Two of the six are gone.)

My mother gave me a couple of random greens seedlings she still had, and I managed to find a flat of dino kale and some poblano peppers while I was out and about this weekend, so hopefully I can salvage things, but it’s definitely not going to be quite what I thought it would be.

The side garden has fared better – it’s more sheltered.    I did have to replant the cucumbers (one pot of two just died off the bat), but they seem to be ok so far.    We’ll see how that keeps going.    I’m just going to have to keep up with the water at both sites and see what happens.

Garden Notes

05312020 047a

The iris are blooming, so it’s officially planting time!

05302020 006a

The community garden bed went in yesterday, on a very muggy morning.     I got in two kinds of marigolds, three kinds of greens (broccoli greens, red Russian kale and dinosaur kale), broccoli, zinnias, runner beans, rudbeckia, three kinds of peppers (serrano, amazing and Jimmy Nardello), Swiss chard, green onions, dahlias, and calendula.    The only thing I’d planned that I’m missing is regular onions.    With the run on seeds and plants this spring, I was unable to find already started plants, which I’d been banking on.

05312020 054a

The side garden went in this morning, which had so much less humidity, it seemed almost chilly in comparison to yesterday.    I planted khuri squash, cucumber, overflow Jimmy Nardello and Amazing peppers, two kinds of basil (Thai and lemon), a sungold tomato, and dahlias.

Garden Notes

05232020 006a

Everything went outside yesterday to harden off.     It decided to be 80 degrees, so it seemed the thing to do.   It’s going back into the 50s and 60s again after our one day flirt with summer, with at least one night close to freezing, so it’ll probably be a full two weeks before I dare actually plant these out.

The large pots are nigella, lettuce, arugula and cilantro, planted on Tuesday.     I’ve got those under cover just until they sprout – I’ll move them out to the side garden once they’re less tempting to dig in.

There’s also a sungold tomato, some extra chard, freckles lettuce and some spearmint that I bought at the Farmer’s Market today.

Garden Notes


Did my last bit of in house seed planting today – some runner beans, cucumbers and khuri squash, to give them a bit of a head start.  It’s been so cold so far this Spring (we had snow last week!), they’ll probably need it.

Garden Notes



I’m late to note that the early seedlings were planted up two weekends ago now.   They’re doing pretty well, other than the Swiss chard, which for some reason just isn’t doing quite so well this year.   I do still have several left (the advantage of planting 12), but I may end up buying some seedlings to supplement it up to the amount I normally have.

Garden Notes

04192020 004a

Things are finally starting to green up in earnest – here’s my garlic.     I was a little nervous – this is seed garlic I bought at the Bennington Garlic Festival.    I was pretty sure garlic from upstate New York by way of Vermont would be fine over here in Maine, but I was definitely happy to see how much of it did sprout.

Other than that, not much else happening in the community garden bed.    I did clear out the dregs of last year’s kale, and I will shortly be able to sow a few seeds directly.    The seedlings are coming along nicely inside, but they’re certainly nowhere near ready to go out.

Garden Notes

04122020 016a

Today’s exciting activity – clear out the iris!   It’s amazing how much they’ve popped up already.

All the herb pots are out of the garage.  The chives are the only one showing any activity at the moment, but I imagine the rest will be coming along shortly.

Garden Notes


Doesn’t look like much right now, but round one of seeds are planted!    This is Swiss chard, two kinds of basil, zinnias, two kinds of kale, calendula, leaf broccoli, regular broccoli, rudbeckia, dahlias (from seed!), two kinds of peppers, and two kinds of marigolds.

We are still going to be able to do the community garden this year.    They’re setting up hand washing stations, have had to cancel the work parties we usually do, and they’ve asked us to bring our own tools if we can.   We’ll also have to limit to no more than 10 people in the garden at once, and we have to maintain six feet between us.     I usually don’t have a problem with that at the times I normally go, but we’ll see how that works out with people not going into work as much.

I had planned a bit more flowers this year, but I’ll instead be trying to throw in a little more greens – anything I can do to cut down on the number of times I need to go to the grocery store isn’t a bad thing.   (I can’t believe I’m currently in the position to be having that thought.   This is just one weird year.)