Garden Notes

The side garden is doing well- the cherry tomatoes are definitely starting to take off, and the ground cherries are actually setting fruit.

The ruffled Tuscan basil has been a bit of a bust – the other basils are just fine with the amount of water they’re getting, but I can’t keep that Tuscan basil happy.    I will not be getting that again.

a06242017 007

Yesterday, I added two peppers (another poblano and a sweet red), and some collard and sprouting broccoli seeds to the community garden bed.

a06252017 003This morning, I was back there for a work party (we started a perennial bed at what will eventually be the entrance when our fence arrives), and the zucchini had blossomed overnight.   (I could see the buds yesterday, but they didn’t at all look like they were ready to bloom.)

That bed is also doing well- the calendula have started to bloom this week, and the tomates are doing so well I added stakes to their cages.    That Tuscan basil even likes it a bit more over there – one of the six plants is still alive, though has gone to flower.   (There are ants all over it.)

Bath Tangle – Georgette Heyer

d2e1e9dc5d9445c597769635a67434f414f4141I’m only going to attempt a vague outline of this story, because if I tried to sketch the high level of the plots that actually culminate at the end, I’d both take too long, and end up being confusing.

Lord Spenborough was on his second wife, as his first marriage resulted only in a daughter – Lady Serena. The new Lady Spenborough is actually younger than her step-daughter, but they get along well, which is fortunate when Lord Spenborough dies, and the two of them are thrown together. Rather than spend time in the Dower House near the well meaning but irritating cousin who’s inherited the title (well, really, his wife, who’s a little too fond of her new title), they decide to take up residence in Bath.

Oh, and Serena was once engaged to the Marquis of Rotherham, a particular friend of her father’s, but called it all off once she realized they’d spend all their time arguing. So who does her father list as the guardian of her fortune? Rotherham, of course. You can obviously see where this is going, despite a whole bunch of other plot twists I am not even going to attempt to catalog. I’ve called some of Heyer’s book madcap before. This one brings new definition to the term.

Harvest Hub Share

IMG_0161aWe started a new farm share of sorts – this one is offered through my job, and is a consortium of farms, so offered some more flexibility than my last CSA share.   (I still love that farm, and would recommend them to anyone looking to do a more traditional CSA share.)

We’re just doing greens this year, and their meat share.   Sadly, we were going to Montreal for the first meat delivery, so we have to wait until July to see that.    But the above is our first greens share.    I would not have expected kohlrabi, though I suppose it is more of a green than many other vegetables.