Sweep of the Heart – Ilona Andrews

I don’t often pay full price for ebooks, but when this one first came up available for preorder, I jumped on it. This is one of my favorite series going at the moment.

Dina and Sean agree to hold what amounts to the royal version of the Bachelor at their inn, after Sean’s mentor Wilmos is kidnapped. The Sovereign will allow them to use the one gate that leads to where Wilmos was taken, so they really have no choice.

Turns out, this Sovereign is their permanent guest Caldenia’s nephew, the son of the brother she killed, that turned her into an exile. I was so happy to get more of Caldenia’s backstory.

I also really enjoyed watching Dina and Sean’s relationship evolving – they’re both very powerful in their own ways, ways which could implode a relationship, but they’re making it work.

And the end!

All in all, this was another very enjoyable book – I’m just sorry I have to wait for more!


One thought on “Sweep of the Heart – Ilona Andrews

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