Disenchanted – Brianna Sugalski

Lilac is the heir to the throne of Brittany, in the Middle Ages. She has one big problem – she has the ability to speak the Darkling tongue, and so can communicate with all the creatures in the Broceliande forest. All the regular people, her rather unpleasant fiancé included, don’t like that ability, so she’s been hidden away in the castle, awaiting the day she’s crowned queen. When a message comes from a witch, claiming she can take away the Darkling tongue, Lilac jumps at the chance, and runs away into the forest, where she meets a charming man who turns out to be a vampire.

I did enjoy this story, but I really wish it wasn’t set in the Broceliande forest. There are connotations there with Arthurian legend, and the book is blurbed in such a way that you want a historical book. But Lilac is way too modern for that. It’s a fun, modern, fairy tale that I would have enjoyed more if I hadn’t expected something a bit different.


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