False Value – Ben Aaronovitch

Having forgotten to read the blurb on this book before I stowed the dust cover (we have this in hard cover, and I hate reading books with a loose dust cover), I was mighty confused when Peter suddenly had left the police force and was getting hired on as security at a tech company in London. I don’t think I’m spoiling much by saying it turns out he’s under cover, and what a job that is.

The company is run by a tech genius from Silicon Valley, who’s surprisingly familiar with magic, and Peter soon finds some very interesting goings on. Add this into impending fatherhood, and things get really interesting. I do like how Peter and Beverley’s relationship is evolving, because neither of them are normal (Bev less so of course), and having kids together is going to be very interesting. We also start seeing more of the implications of Bev’s magic and how it influences (and how she becomes responsible) for those around her. I do love this series.


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