Embroidery Notes

So I started this back in – checks notes – 2015. I had picked it up once in the meantime. Definitely pre-Covid. Maybe 2018? But having recently completed a few cross stitch projects, I felt like I needed to just get it done. And once I got back on the horse again, I knocked it out in about a week.

So, lessons learned. I still really hate French knots. I think I’ll always hate French knots. When they don’t look very good, it drives me crazy, and they often need to look good to make the overall pattern look good.

I think I like working with cotton floss better than wool thread. (This is pretty much the opposite of how I feel about my preferred knitting fiber.)

I am really glad I finished it. I’m not sure I’ll be in a hurry to do more. I like how much better cross stitch looks, with less effort. But I’m sure I’ll be tempted back eventually – doing complicated stitches is really fun when it works. I just need to convince someone to do French knot-less designs.


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