Knitting Notes

Pattern: Heidi by Katya Frankel
Yarn: Quince and Co Whimbrel in the Bowsprit colorway
Needles: Size 4 Circs and DPNs and Size 3 DPNs

So I really screwed up the needle sizes.     With my normal gauge, I probably should have used 6’s and 7’s.   I think I may have been thrown off by the mm sizes on my needle gauge.     Even so, it’s just barely less than the measurements for the size I was aiming for, and my niece is a peanut, so hopefully this’ll work for at least a bit.    Oops!

My errors withstanding, it’s a great pattern – has a couple interesting techniques, but is overall dead simple.

This yarn is nice, as cotton goes.    I got it in a grab bag.     I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that cotton isn’t my favorite to knit with, but I need to use it, I’ll go with Quince and Co cottons.


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