Ink Witch – Lindsey Sparks

This was an interesting set up – we have race of immortals that the ancient Egyptian gods ended up being based on. Kat is a more recent vintage, but her family includes some really ancient powers. She’s in retirement – having previously been an assassin for the Neheret Senate. Her power lies in ink, so she’s running a tattoo parlor and reading tarot cards on the side. (I really like the changeable tarot deck – creepy!)

The disappearance of her half brother pulls her back into the immortal world – Neheret, as well as some human children, are disappearing. At this point, I’m still interested enough in the world building that I’d consider another book in the series, but I’m not quite sold on Kat as a protagonist. I get that she’s not supposed to be all good, but she got a little too dark in a way I can’t quite pin why I don’t like. We’ll see if the world building overrides that.


One thought on “Ink Witch – Lindsey Sparks

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