Daughter of the Moon Goodess – Sue Lynn Tan

This book is the story of Xingyin, the forbidden daughter of the moon goddess. She’s only starting to learn of her history when she’s forced to flee the moon to keep her mother safe. She ends up at the Celestial Emperor’s court, companion to the son of the very man that keeps her mother imprisoned on the moon.

This is an interesting story – Xingyin’s mother was mortal, and the teasing out of that history is interesting. There is a love story (a triangle even), which I thought was handled well. What’s interesting is that there is another book coming, but this book is wrapped up in such a way that you could assume that the triangle is fully resolved, but I assume that’ll be touched on in the next book. I am interested enough to read that next book, but I’m finding it a bit refreshing to know that I actually don’t have to if I don’t want to.


One thought on “Daughter of the Moon Goodess – Sue Lynn Tan

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