Garden Notes

While we were out and about yesterday, we stopped at the nursery where BF had picked up the yellow dahlia that did so well in our front bed last year. We got another one (as well as a red dahlia), as well as some other yellow, red and blues for that bed. (And some marigolds and alyssum for the kitchen garden, as well as some ginger mint.) I’m still planning more shopping next weekend, but this was a good start.

We caught up on yardwork this morning. As expected, even though he was cutting it at a higher level than normal, the lawn was so far gone, BF was not able to do the entire yard in one battery life. So the front at least looks decent, but the backyard is about half done. Vast improvement, though.

Here’s what I came up with for hardening off my seedlings, since I don’t dare have them on the ground anymore, with monsieur/madam woodchuck hanging about. One bench wasn’t enough, so I have a sheet over the second one while I await my new order of row cover.

They really needed to go out – my mother had brought me over a tomato about a month ago that she had started, and it was threatening to outgrow the grow light shelves. I only left two types of plants inside that were still on the small side.

I am so behind – I have some things I really want to direct sow, but I still need to get the trellis situated before I can do that. Dang Covid. I know I have a very good reason to not have done anything for a couple weeks, but it still really annoys me that I couldn’t.


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