Garden Notes

The other garden task I was behind on was planting up the seedlings. I had bought another grow light last year, after two wasn’t enough for what I planted last winter. I’d tried to set it up when I first planted seedlings, but the zip ties I needed were no where to be found. Those were later located (after we bought new ones, of course), so I was able to set the light up on Monday. I planted up all the remaining seedlings over a couple of nights this week.

My one worry is my hardening off set up. I was just putting them out in the back yard, on the ground, and covering them at night. That was before the woodchuck showed up. So I’m going to have to put them up on the deck, and rethink my covering strategy. I’ve got a week or so to figure that out fully.

My plan is planting on Memorial Day weekend, but I can always push that out if that turns out to be on the cold side, like it was last year.


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