Garden Notes

One of the very irritating things about Covid (I’m choosing to be irritated) is that I had plans for those two lost weekends. Yard work plans had factored in heavily. There’s a large pile of mulch under a tarp right now we had delivered two days before I developed symptoms, that I feel like is mocking me at this point. We need to buy a wheel barrow to deal with it, and that went out the window. So that should be remedied over this coming weekend. In the meantime, a few things did get done.

The city came and replaced the Norway maple they pulled out last year. It’s planted closer to the street this time, which we very much appreciate for the future of our driveway. It’s a red maple cultivar, so it’s a native, even if it has been toyed with a bit to make it faster growing.

They still have not ground the stump of the old tree. That’s been contracted out, and they were theoretically coming this week, but we’re closing in pretty fast on the end of the day on Friday, so perhaps next week?

The magnolia in the backyard did its annual reminder of why it’s not such a bad tree, after all. (It’s just so boring after the flowers drop!)

In my second weekend of being confined to the grounds, I at least had more energy, so I managed to clear out the back corner, as well as the front shrubbery. Both those areas are looking more and more like we’ll add shrubs to them, but it was at least nice to get the detritus out of them for now.

The shrubbery will need some careful tending – the multiflora rose and multiple of Norway maple shoots are trying to come back from being cut down.


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