Legends and Lattes – Travis Baldree

This book was recommended in a thread I’d stumbled across where someone wanted some feel good fantasy reading. The book happened to be available on Kindle Unlimited, so I checked it out. The subtitle is “A Novel of High Fantasy and Low Stakes”, and it really is that.

Viv is an Orc, and has been a mercenary for years. Not long ago, she stumbled upon a Gnomish coffee shop, and was hooked. When fortune threw her a way to retire, she grabbed it, and went off to a new city to set up life as a coffee shop owner.

So this book is about Viv finding herself in a new town, making new friends and just generally living her life. There’s just enough tension to keep it interesting, and just enough magic (and the fact that most of the main characters aren’t human) to put it in the realm of fantasy. I loved it. It really is a great feel good read.


One thought on “Legends and Lattes – Travis Baldree

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