Jewel of the Endless Erg – John Bierce

In the second book of this series, we’re out of the school of Skyhold, and journeying into the desert, in a sandship. First destination – the city of Theras Tel, ruled by a dragon who’s also one of the most powerful storm mages in the world.

Where the first book is a pretty standard school story, we’re now getting out into the world, and seeing how the mages of Skyhold, especially the Librarians, interact with the other local powers. Because it turns out the Librarians Errant are the spies of Skyhold, and if our young friends are going to train to be Librarians, there’s definitely more to that then they initially knew.

I enjoyed this – the world building is really interesting, and we start to get some hints about something wider going on that definitely has potential.


One thought on “Jewel of the Endless Erg – John Bierce

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