The Obsidian Chimera – Marie Andreas

Taryn has a new patroness for her digs in Beccia’s ancient Elven ruins. Said patroness is dead set on finding something specific, and naturally, it turns out to be no good for Taryn.

Still enjoying this series – it’s a weirdly anachronistic fantasy world (I’ve never seen a fantasy character that dwells so much on their ever growing laundry pile), but it works. I’m also very interested to see what the author is setting Taryn up to actually be – I’ve got a theory, but if it’s right, I’m really curious to see how it fits into the larger landscape.

I’m also interested to see how Alric and his people fit into this, as well as the fairies, who are clearly far more than the drunken little people they’re playing at being.


One thought on “The Obsidian Chimera – Marie Andreas

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