The Legendary Inge – Kate Stradling

Ingrid is now looking after her younger siblings, with her parents dead, and her brother off to the army to help support them. The back story to why she’s in the woods on the morning that the beast that’s been raiding the King’s Hall comes through, and she’s the one that manages to kill it, is best left to reading the book. But, the next thing she knows, she’s been adopted by the King as Prince Inge, because the man that killed the beast will marry the King’s daughter.

I loved this book. The author notes at the beginning that she got the idea when reading Beowulf, because at one point, the king adopts Beowulf, but he manages to later get out of it. But what if the king couldn’t easily back out of the arrangements? And even better, what it it wasn’t a man that slayed the fearsome beast. Everyone in this story is just great – it’s vaguely Norse, but is mainly a really enjoyable fairy tale.


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