Knitting Notes

Pattern:  Rose Plank by Monika Sirna

Yarn: Bare Naked Wools Targhee Tango Sport in the Apilado colorway

Needles: Size 2 circs

The Rose Plank shawl is done and blocked.      The blocking doesn’t do a ton, but if you compare the pictures of before and after, it does firm things up a bit.    I did the not all over lace pattern, and the ribbed edging.

I broke a needle making this.    I was scaling up cord size as I went, and had finally gotten to my longest in this size.    Which turned out to have a loose connection and broke, mid row.   Fortunately, this isn’t super fussy lace, so the recovery wasn’t horrible.

Really enjoyed this yarn, which came unwashed, so I will say, it was was very interesting seeing the difference after I washed and blocked it.


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