Knitting Notes

Next project is started! These are the Palanen kauneinta (Piece of The Most Beautiful) socks by Tiina Kuu.

I picked them out because I wanted to do some colorwork and get rid of the fair amounts of OntheRound Nimble sock I had left. I also liked the look of the heel. I was not paying enough attention to notice they were toe up, because I probably would have avoided buying them if I had. But I’m glad I did buy them, because it forced me to try the Turkish cast on again. I absolutely hated it the last times I tried it, but it wasn’t that bad this time. I still think I like top down socks better, but I’m not going to avoid toe up as much as I was before.

The main yarn is Lana Plantae Rambouillet Fingering, which is naturally dyed with a mix of madder and cochineal. (Bought it at the last in person Common Ground Fair – queue a fair amount of nostalgia while finally deciding to do something with it.) Winding it was funny – there was a fair amount of dye flaking off. It doesn’t seem to be coming out on my fingers now that I’m knitting it, but we’ll see if I regret mixing this in with a mostly white yarn as one of the contrasting colors.


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