Mind Over Magic – Lindsay Buroker

Morgen’s been laid off, and her marriage has just ended, when she finds out her grandmother has died, and left her her house out in the woods in Washington state. Morgen hasn’t been out there in years, and with nothing to hold her in Seattle, she decides to head to Bellrock to take stock of the property. Where a very overprotective werewolf tries to chase her off the property.

Turns out Morgen’s grandmother was a witch. And even though witches and werewolves don’t get along, she’d allowed the local lone wolf to live in her barn. Amar is very protective of the woods on the property – it’s one of the last places the werewolves can roam in the area. He and Morgen strike a very tentative peace when he finally believes she doesn’t want to sell the place. But he then tells her he’s pretty sure her grandmother was murdered.

So this is definitely the set up story to a longer series – we get an intro to the local town, which does have some other witches, as well as the two local werewolf packs. There’s also something very interesting about the woods that Morgen now owns that we barely scratch the surface of. It’s just interesting enough that I think I’ll read the next book in the series, but I do hope that one picks up on the action a bit.


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