The Prince of Secrets – A.J. Lancaster

This book picks up at the end of The Lord of Stariel, with Hetta now confirmed as the Lord, and her relationship with Wyn on a new footing. This book is mostly told from Wyn’s point of view, and it’s an interesting one. Since he’s a prince of the Fae, we get a greater view into that world.

In addition, the Fae are no longer sealed off from the mortal realm, so Wyn’s family fairly quickly comes to call, and he and Hetta must decide how to deal with that. I’ll admit, the end of this particular book had an event that seemed much quicker than it should have been, so I’ll be very interested to see where the other two books in the series go – there’s clearly more in store.


2 thoughts on “The Prince of Secrets – A.J. Lancaster

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