Fated Blades – Ilona Andrews

This is a novella in the Kinsmen series. We’re still on Dahlia, and two members of rival families need to team up to save both their families from bankrupty (and the scandal of having their spouses run off together).

I enjoyed this immensely – Ramona and Matias are just great together, right off the bat. They’ve known about each other all their lives, but never met, because their families’ particular power makes them deadly killing machines, and they should never be in the same room together. I’m pleased that there was a good reason for that that’s covered in the book, and becomes central to how they’ll be able to save their families.

I also actually really enjoyed the political maneuvering – it was well done, and interesting. I’m so glad these guys have published another story – if we could just get another Innkeeper book…


One thought on “Fated Blades – Ilona Andrews

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