Woods Hole, MA

Last week, we got back to Cape Cod for the first time since Covid. The main event was my MIL’s 75th birthday, so there wasn’t quite as much nature walking as we’d normally do, but it was still a nice visit. On Friday night, we headed into Wood Hole to watch the sunset on the waterfront.

My BIL works at WHOI, and the Atlantis was in town. If you’re enough of a marine biology geek, you’ll recognize that as the ship that houses the Alvin submarine. We got to go in dockside to see that (see the lit up part of the lefthand picture above). The Neil Armstrong was also in dock, and it’s apparently pretty unusual to have them both in together, so that was neat to see.

The other picture is the original diving ball from the Alvin. It’s not very big, and three people would go down in it for excursions. Definitely cool to see.


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