The Girl with Ghost Eyes – M. H. Boroson

Li-lin is the daughter of a Daoist priest in 19th century Chinatown in San Francisco. She has the ability the see spirits, and is a priestess herself. She’s also recently widowed. When her husband’s best friend brings another man to her for help, she instantly does, but quickly discovers that they’re trying to get to her father through her. He is much more powerful than she is, and protects a great many people in Chinatown.

I really enjoyed this book – it’s nice to see some non-Western traditions. Li-lin is a great heroine, and she does absolutely everything she has to do to protect her father and the people in Chinatown. The “monsters” of the book are really interesting. I also really like how it ends – she gets herself into a certain situation while trying to resolve what’s happening in this particular story that sets up some really interesting possibilities for what’s to come. I’ll definitely track down the next book in this series.


2 thoughts on “The Girl with Ghost Eyes – M. H. Boroson

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