Sweep with Me – Ilona Andrews

7d45895c023484f596c37787477434f414f4141We’re back with Dina at the Gertrude Hunt Inn in Texas (after a brief detour to follow her sister Maude’s journey to the Vampire Anocracy). Her boyfriend Sean has joined her at the inn, which is good, but they’ve been summoned to the Innkeeper’s Assembly, which is potentially very, very bad. But that’s quickly cast aside when a Drifan asks to be a guest at the Inn during the Treaty Stay. That’s apparently a bit of an amnesty period when anyone can ask to stay, and it’s really hard to say no.

The Drifan are a somewhat mysterious people with enormous power that rarely venture outside of their homeworlds. (And I’m fairly certain are featured in one of the author’s other series – I’ll be checking that out once I post the epic list of reading I have to catch up on). They’re very dangerous, but hosting them successfully will be very good for the Gertrude Hunt’s reputation.

This is where I was a smidge disappointed in this book. It was over way too quickly, and seemed very much just holding material, a way to pass time to get to something better. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun holding material, but the last book was so very good, I guess I really wanted more with a return to Dina’s story.

One thought on “Sweep with Me – Ilona Andrews

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