Crucible of Gold – Naomi Novik

131a5fefac96db159766d306641434f414f4141Back to Temeraire – Laurence and Temeraire are still in Australia when they get a surprise visitor announcing that Laurence’s commission has been restored. Of course there’s a catch – Laurence will have to go to South America, where it would seem that Napoleon is trying to meddle with the Incan Empire.

I will first say that I did not like the events that got Temeraire, the other two dragons, and the crews to South America. It was depressing, to say the least. But, when they did get there, I loved this take on the Incan Empire, which was able to survive Pizarro because of their dragons. It’s completely different to any of the other societies in the story to far, and I thought that was really well done.

I’m definitely interested to see where things go from there – we’ve definitely diverged from Napoleon’s history in the real world…

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