Magic Breaks – Ilona Andrews

25e2bf7a55fe074597169326867434f414f4141It’s the part of the Kate Daniels story the whole series has been leading up to – Kate finally meets her father, Roland. Aka Nimrod – the biblical tower builder, all powerful being who built a magical civilization so advanced and powerful it triggered a tech revolt, and magic went into retreat for several thousand years. The man Kate was trained all her life to kill.

And this book does not go how that meeting should go. It was great – it’s not like any of it was unexpected if you’ve been paying attention, but it was so nice to see the authors just not go there. And by not going there, we get more story.

There’s a bonus short story about Kate’s adopted daughter Julie’s first day at a new school, which was definitely a nice counterpoint to the rest of the action of the book. Another great entry in this series.

One thought on “Magic Breaks – Ilona Andrews

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