Lingo – Gaston Dorren

110bc69dc302f9d596737557077434f414f4141This is an interesting little book – it’s about all the languages of Europe. It’s definitely a survey – the author chooses to highlight something interesting or quirky about each language, and you will definitely run into languages you’ve never heard of before. (I’ll admit, as an American, it’s actually kind of hard to grok exactly how diverse it is linguistically in a land where the languages spoken are the original languages. You can get a sense of it by looking at the number of languages spoken by our native tribes, but so many of those were overwhelmed by European colonization it’s still hard to understand the scale. But I digress.)

Don’t come to this book expecting to learn much about the languages themselves, though that is touched on with some of them. What you’ll get instead are interesting historical facts. Like when they decided to revive Cornish there was a schism between those that wanted to pick up where it left off in the late 1800s, and those that wanted to bring it back to its Medieval heyday. It’s a fun read if you like languages.


Silence Fallen – Patricia Briggs

5926f5dda3aad855972786c6e77434f414f4141For the 10th book in this series, we get to mix things up a bit – Mercy’s off to Europe, but not by choice. No, Mercy’s managed to get herself kidnapped by the king of the vampires of Europe, who’s under the impression that she’s the most powerful person in the Columbia Basin pack, as well as the alliance of the other supernatural folks in the area. Granted, she actually is, but not for the reasons you’d think.

Of course, Adam is left at home, and their mate bond is absolutely, dead silent. So he quickly assembles a team to go figure out what’s going on, and they’re ready to go with the vampire king contacts them.

I really liked this book. It’s nice to be in a new location, and the author has some fun with it – the Golem of Prague makes an appearance. It’s also interesting to start and see the repercussions of Mercy declaring their towns a free area for all supernatural people – clearly that’s not going to sit well with everyone. Another enjoyable book in this series.

Knitting Notes


Here are the high and low temperature scarves, up through the last day of Spring.

I will probably need to buy more yarn for the 40s and 50s colors.    (Boy are our low temperatures consistent in Spring.)     I’m going to see what happens in the next month or so for the 60s before I place that order.   I think I’m safe for the 70s – I should be able to bring the low temperature half over the high temperature scarf in a pinch – 70s at night are usually pretty unusual around here.

Japanese Fairy Tales – Yei Theodora Ozaki

f5eb2925f93f2385969706b7041434f414f4141I found this book on one of my free and bargain Kindle newsletters. It was written (translated at the very least) at the turn of last century, so I’m guessing it’s in the public domain now.

It’s a nice little book. The stories don’t seem very Westernized – they definitely have fairy tale aspects, but sometimes they definitely don’t have the pat, Disney-fied ending I’ve certainly come to expect in my fairy tales. It’s a nice little volume for something different.