Fire Dance – Ilana C. Myer

fb0eba0f29ebdfb596d7a6a7141434f414f4141I grabbed this book as a Kindle deal because despite the fact it’s the second in a series, it said it was a stand-alone story. And to a degree, it is – it actually does a good job about giving you just enough detail when past events are mentioned that you know what you need to know about them. However, I feel like I was missing a lot of world building, and not in a good way.

The author’s use of language reminds me of Patricia A. McKillip, who is also prone to throwing you into the middle of a story, and world building as she goes along. But I think McKillip does it better. I feel like I never really got the point of this book – it actually took me a couple months to get through it because of that. I liked the language just enough to keep going, but even with it over, I still don’t know what the point was.

One thought on “Fire Dance – Ilana C. Myer

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