The Immortals – Jordanna Max Brodsky

a2d130394c2e87a59754a547077434f414f4141Selene di Silva was once Artemis – like many members of her family, when belief waned, she found a new home far from Greece, and she now lives in New York City. The family is barely immortal now, though some gain smaller amounts of power from the pieces of themselves that mortals still worship.

Selene once heard the calls of mortal women in danger, and she feels the faintest stirring of one of those calls the night that a young women is murdered in what appears to be a revival of an old Greek rite. At the same time, Theo, a classics professor at Columbia, is drawn into the murder by his connection to this young woman. He and Selene quickly realize there are more murders to come, and that they must stop them.

I really like the premise of this book – what does happen to gods when their worshippers no longer believe in them? I like how the author has sketched out the various ways that the gods have dealt with that. I also really like how Selene and Theo interact – Selene is a chaste goddess, and the story does explore exactly what that means to her. It’s a really interesting tale – I’m very interested to see how the next two books play out.

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