On the Edge – Ilona Andrews

628f91118122fe4597a514d5577434f414f4141I think this book can best be described as Pride and Prejudice in the borderlands between two alternate realities, where one has magic, and the other does not.

Rose lives in the Edge – those that do live a bit of a hardscrabble existence, being neither from the Broken (our world, because magic is broken) or the Weird. She’s also in charge of her two younger brothers, since their mother is dead, and their father regularly disappears on adventures. Have I mentioned her brothers are a changeling and a necromancer?

Into this comes Declan, who’s clearly a noble in the Weird. He’s chasing an old enemy who’s stolen a machine that makes these weird creatures that eat people and their magic. Naturally, it’s pretty much hate at first sight.

I can’t stay that this story breaks any new ground narrative-wise, but it’s a ton of fun to read. Which frankly, I’ve come to expect from Ilona Andrews.


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