The Invisible Library – Genevieve Cogman

84edfb3c148185d59714b556e51434f414f4141Irene is a Librarian, but for a very specialized Library – one that exists outside of a multitude of alternate worlds, and has tasked itself with collecting books important to all the alternates. It’s a varied job – you may be able to purchase said book, or it may involve some degree of sleight of hand.

The book has a solid premise – Irene’s sent to a chaos controlled world, with a brand new assistant, and things start to go awry. Kai (the assistant) is more than he seems, and they meet some interesting citizens of the alternate that help in their search for the book. Things get really busy though – there are so many characters, and characterizations thrown in. I do get that there are lots of alternate worlds, so why not have so many things available to find, but this book centers mainly in one world, so I feel like the author could have spread this out over several different worlds, and made things a little less busy. Still, I’m a sucker for books, so I’ll likely read more in this series.


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