Fire Touched – Patricia Briggs

a85f4b93f60ad6959714a6e6c51434f414f4141When a troll attacks one of the local bridges, the police department calls the local werewolf pack, and with Adam, the alpha being away, Mercy (his mate) gets to go to see how they can help. The pack does manage to kill the troll, which Mercy is pretty sure was sent by the Fae Gray Lords, and she manages to mention on national television that the Tri-Cities area is under the pack’s protection. The Fae don’t take this well.

This is very much an in between book- there is Mercy’s declaration at the beginning, and her friends Zee and Tad do manage to escape the Fae reservation with a rather mysterious human boy who is clearly more than he seems, but the consequences of that are clearly still building. The book was therefore over in a flash – it’s a good thing I already have the next one.


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