The Future Falls – Tanya Huff

37954414cbd2681596b664c6a51434f414f4141This is the last book in the trilogy about the Gale family. Charlie, the Wild Gale, is back in Calgary, watching her cousin Allie give a good go at getting the seventh son of a seventh son of a seventh son into the Gale family. And Jack, half-Gale, half-dragon prince, is growing up a little too fast. He’s one of only three Wild Gales, and both he and Charlie realize they like each other just a little too much considering their age difference.

And into the middle of the family drama comes drama on a whole other scale – an asteroid (obscured by another asteroid for a bit too long) is not too far out from hitting the Earth, and it’s not going to be pretty. The Gales have never dealt with danger this great in scale. Can Charlie figure out what to do, and settle all the family drama at the same time?

I felt like the ending to this story was just a little too pat. I didn’t mind how it solved Jack and Charlie (this is so not a spoiler, so I don’t mind mentioning it here), but some of the hows to get there are just a little too far fetched. (Yes, I realize I’m talking about a fantasy book here, but there’s something about things that went a little beyond the belief I’d suspended.) I didn’t hate it, but I do like the first two books better.


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